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Pattern designer in Clojure and Quil
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Note : this Patterning repository is now deprecated

Please look at the following links to learn more about and start using Patterning.

  • Patterning Core. The core library for generating patterns in your Clojure / ClojureScript projects. (The code is in cljx)

  • Alternatively, you can just incorporate a compiled jar from Clojars here in your own Clojure project.

  • a Quil / Processing wrapper. This project shows how to write a short Clojure program that uses Quil to render the patterns. This is the best place to start if you just want to use Patterning in your own Clojure projects.

  • Allows artists who are more familiar with Processing itself and want to write Java in the Processing environment can now use Patterning for Processing. That project is the source-code for building a Processing Library that wraps Patterning.

More info here.


Quick Start

Make sure you have Clojure, Leiningen and Quil installed.

git clone patterning
cd patterning
lein run

The code to generate the pattern is in src/patterning/core.clj

To run unit tests.

lein test

To run the REPL.

lein repl


Look in the cljx-src/patterning/examples/ directory for examples

The tutorial gives a guided tour of the basic functions of Patterning. The code for this tutorial can be found in examples/tutorial.clj

to see each of the examples in action change src/patterning/core.clj to assign the pattern that's created to "final-pattern".

For example :

(def final-pattern tutorial/triangles)

Then re-run with

lein run

See Alchemy Islands for more examples and discussion of Patterning.


Copyright © 2014 Phil Jones

Distributed under the Gnu Affero General Public License either version 3.0 or (at your option) any later version.

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