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(ns patterning_quil.quilview
(:require [quil.core :refer :all])
(:require [patterning.sshapes :as sshapes])
(:require [patterning.groups :refer []])
(:require [patterning.color :refer []])
(:require [patterning.view :refer [transformed-sshape make-txpt xml-tpl ]])
;; Interactive Bit. Only this bit should be Quil / Processing dependent.
;; we are now using our p-color to represent colors, this converts it
;; into Processing format
(defn mk-color [[r g b a]] (color r g b a))
(defn draw-sshape "using vertices"
[txpt {:keys [style points] :as sshape}]
(if (sshapes/hidden? sshape) ()
(let [tsshape (transformed-sshape txpt sshape)]
(if (contains? style :stroke) (stroke (mk-color (get style :stroke))))
(if (contains? style :fill) (fill (mk-color (get style :fill))))
(if (contains? style :stroke-weight) (stroke-weight (get style :stroke-weight)))
(if (contains? style :bezier)
(let [ls (sshapes/flat-point-list tsshape) ]
(apply bezier ls)
(do (begin-shape)
(dorun (map (fn [[x y]] (vertex x y)) (get tsshape :points)))
(end-shape ))
(defn draw-group
[txpt group]
(dorun (map (partial draw-sshape txpt) group)) )
(defn write-svg "writes svg" [width height group]
(spit "out.svg" (xml-tpl (make-txpt [-1 -1 1 1] [0 0 width height]) width height group)) )