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Project ThoughtStorms encompases the software used to run ThoughtStorms Wiki, various conversion scripts and plugins which have been used to port it to different wiki-engines during its history, and some other tools to manage personal and public information with a wiki-like philosophy.

As of 2018, some of these tools are now redundant and continue in the repository for historical continuity. Others are currently in use and under active development.


Wiki Software

The new, currently unnamed wiki-engine, is written in Python.

As of July 2018, we've moved much of the functionality to a library, called "thoughtstorms", which is published on PyPI :

The code for this libray lives in the python/thoughtstorms directory.

The main wiki itself, and associated templates, css etc. lives in the python/servers directory. This wiki uses the minimal Bottle framework.

Some other conversion scripts are in python/conversion.

Running the Wiki

First install the dependencies :

pip install pyyaml, markdown, thoughtstorms


cd PATH-TO/THIS-REPO/python/servers	
python ThoughtStorms w 8090 PATH-TO-PAGES PATH-TO-SERVICE-PAGES PATH-TO/THIS-REPO/python/servers/assets

What are these options? wikiname typecode port-number path-to-pages path-to-service-pages path-to-assets

The wikiname is displayed alongside page-names at the top of each page. (Useful if you are running several wikis at once and need to remember which you are looking at)

The typecode selects for the type of PageStore (and the permissions it implies). Currently, typecode 'w' makes the wiki writable by any user. Other typecodes are read-only..

port-number determines which port the wiki listens on

path-to-pages is path to directory where pages are saved

path-to-service-pages is path to a directory where extra functionality "services" store their specific data in the form of YAML files.

path-to-assets is path to directory where the html template is stored.


Use the conversion scripts in the conversion directory eg.

ThoughtStorms was, for a time, on the Smallest Federated Wiki. Converts pages from SFW format to flat files for use in ThoughtStorms Wiki (extracts just the current "story" text).

PATH-TO/THIS-REPO/python/conversion/ PATH-TO/pages-in-sfw-format/* 

Note that this saves files in the local directory where this is run from, but that the script appends .md on the end of the file-names on the assumption that you will be moving pages to Markdown format. Converts text files that have Wikish markup to Markdown. (Wikish was a variant of UseMod wiki format used in an early incarnation of ThoughtStorms wiki, and on SdiDesk).

PATH-TO/THIS-REPO/python/conversion/ PATH-TO/pages-in-wikish/* 

NB: saves files with same name as originals, in the local directory where this is run from. Be careful. DON'T run this in the same directory as the original files.

JSON diff

The php directory contains a copy of jsondiff.php which can diff two online JSON files. It's included in the Project ThoughtStorms site as a useful way to diff the same page on two different SFW servers.

Other Scripts

The scripts directory contains Python files (in CGI) format which can be used to quickly paste in a block of multi-paragraph text and generate an SFW formated page from it. You can try it here