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GeekWeaver Templating Language

  • Create templates in an outliner (OPML files)
    • One outline can compile to multiple pages
  • Define your own re-usable "blocks"
    • For menus, headers, etc.
    • Blocks also take parameters, so can be different on every page.
  • Markdown support for easy HTML generation
    • (Not full support yet because of clashes between Markdown and earlier GW markups. But in-progress.)
  • But GeekWeaver can be used to generate any kind of text file.


Make sure you have Python installed on your machine. ( )

Also, ideally, you should also have Markdown

easy_install markdown

GeekWeaver will work without Markdown support, but we now use it even for this quick-start demo. It's HIGHLY recommended.

git clone gw

cd gw/quickstart/


firefox demo/index.html

What did I just do?

You grabbed a copy of GeekWeaver, went into the quickstart directory, ran the compiler on the demo file and looked at the result.

You should now see, in your browser a simple website created from a single GeekWeaver "program" ie. an OPML file.

It's in a frameset with a menu which lets you look at both the pages, and the logs of GeekWeaver compilation.

You should also be able to find links to the source-code of these two pages.

The OPML file which contains the source is gwdemo.opml in the quickstart directory.

You can edit it using either or the original OPML Editor ( )