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This was a version of SdiDesk that I had converted from VB Classic to VB.NET. I'm not a VB.NET programmer, but at the time it felt like this was one possible future for SdiDesk. So I hired someone to do it.

In the event, I never went further. I didn't really want to commit more to the Microsoft treadmill, and VB.NET seemed a hell of a lot more clunky and awkward than VB Classic, losing the main attraction of being in VB at all.

Ultimately I decided that the future of SdiDesk was conversion to the Smallest Federated Wiki and / or possibly my new Outliner with Wiki Linking. In both cases, the UI and the bulk of the code moves into javascript while a light server is in Python or Java. (And may go away altogether if I adopt remoteStorage.js.)

Find out more on Project ThoughtStorms

This code is new in github as it's been rescued from Google Code (which is now closing down) But I don't have any plans to work on it. However, if YOU are interested in SdiDesk in VB.NET, then message me. I can give you some overview of how it all works, and perhaps even get interested again :-)