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A talk that attempts to make functors and monads more concrete with Swift
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Functors, Monads and Other Made-Up Words.playground
Functors, Monads and Other Made-up
Functors, Monads and Other Made-up Words.pdf

Functors, Monads and Other Made-Up Words

I made this talk to force myself to digest some of the things I learned watching Gordon Fontenot's talk, How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Functor, which really made some concepts click for me and I'd recommend reading it.

The PDF was generated from the Markdown file with Deckset using the grey Zurich theme, which was also what I used to present.

The playground was what I used to develop the talk. I found it really powerful to play with code and prose at the same time, and I hope it can be something to aid learning how everything works that you can experiment with.

It was presented to my coworkers at Robots and Pencils in April 2015.

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