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Raphaël.js Polygon Intersection

This project has been deprecated

I no longer maintain or provide support for this project. It remains on GitHub as a record of the project and for any possible benefits to others.

Gives the ability to find the intersection of two or more polygons as a new polygon. They can be concave or convex, but self-intersecting may not work properly. Uses "node" objects to represent vertices of polygons and their intersection points.

Based on Efficient Clipping of Arbitrary Polygons by Gunther Greiner and Kai Hormann

Run the tests with mocha --compilers coffee:coffee-script


JavaScript: development or production

Downloads are prepared with Compiler

The Good Stuff

The general clipping function. Takes two node arrays representing subject and clip, but the order is not important. Returns a new Raphaël element with the clipped path. Like above but it'll recursively clip all elements in a set. Note that you'll get nothing back if there is not a common area between all elements.

Making the Sausage

Node object The object used internally to represent points on a path.

NodeArray A uh… array of nodes… Provides basic next/previous node methods

doesIntersect Takes two pairs of node objects representing line segments: n0-n1, n2-n3. If they intersect then a node is returned, otherwise false.

norm Takes one pair of node objects representing one line segment. Returns the norm/length/magnitude of the line.

containmentTest Uses the even/odd rule to determine whether a point is inside another polygon. Used by markEntryPoints in order to determine whether an intersection point is an entry or exit. Takes a single node and a node array representing a polygon. Returns true for an inner node, false for an outer node.

markIntersects Finds all of the intersect points between two polygons and inserts corresdonding linked nodes into each node array.

markEntryPoints Marks the intersection points in one polygon as being entry or exits for the edges of the other polygon. Uses containmentTest to determine the initial status, then alternates entry/exit. Takes two node arrays to compare, and a flag setting. Returns the updated node array with entry/exit statuses.

Raphael.el.toNodes Method that converts an element's path to the node array that's needed for clipping. Also makes sure that the nodes are in CW order.