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This project has been deprecated

I no longer maintain or provide support for this project. It remains on GitHub as a record of the project and for any possible benefits to others. Apple has since announced the HomeKit framework which provides hardware and software developers first-party support, including Siri, for the sort of thing this project did. I would recommend looking into the possibilities that the HomeKit framework offers.

This is a SiriProxy plugin to control Philips Hue lights with Siri. It has been developed for and tested with jimmykane's Three Little Pigs fork of SiriProxy, although the plugin APIs look very similar and for now it may work with both.

Example Commands

  • Turn off all the lights
  • Turn on (the) bedroom light(s)
  • Turn up (the) kitchen light(s)
  • Set (the) hallway to 20%
  • Set (the) bedroom to green
  • Set (the) living room to love
  • Make it look like a sunset (not implemented yet)


  • Follow the setup instructions for SiriProxy if you haven't already, then copy SiriProxy-Hue into the plugins folder.

  • Find out the IP address of your Hue bridge

  • Add the plugin in the SiriProxy config.yml file, substituting your own information:

  •   plugins:
        - name: 'Hue'
          path: "./plugins/siriproxy-hue"
          bridge_ip: ""
          username: "JohnnyAppleseed"
  • Run siriproxy update

  • Run rvmsudo bundle exec ./siriproxy-restarter

  • Say one of the commands above. The first time Siri will prompt you to press the link button on your Hue bridge.


I'm more than happy to look into issues with SiriProxy-Hue itself, but please respect that I won't be able to provide installation support for you.


The API used with the Hue bridge has been sniffed by other people who deserve the credit.

Philips has since made it publicly available.

There's also a ton of people who have put work into SiriProxy, thanks to them for making this possible.


A SiriProxy plugin to control Philips Hue lights with Siri




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