Efficient multi-asset confidential transactions
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cathieyun and oleganza Update spacesuit to use new R1CS API (#19)
Update to use this API:

- we no longer have to use "sort commitments" functions to separate out the different commitments from each other after they are returned in a big lump.
- added helper functions to easily commit values and allocated values.
Latest commit 4df17f9 Dec 4, 2018


Spacesuit: Interstellar's implementation of cloaked transactions

This library provides a pure-Rust implementation of Cloak, a confidential assets protocol based on the Bulletproofs zero-knowledge circuit proof system.

The implementation of the Cloak protocol for Interstellar is called Spacesuit. It uses this implementation of Bulletproofs circuit proofs in Rust.


Specs for the Cloak protocol can be found here.


This code is still research-quality. It is not (yet) suitable for deployment. The development roadmap can be found in the Milestones section of the Github repo.


Run tests with cargo test.


This crate uses criterion.rs for benchmarks. Run benchmarks with cargo bench.


This is a research project sponsored by Interstellar, developed by Henry de Valence, Cathie Yun, and Oleg Andreev.