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ARC-Challenge Baseline

This repo describes how to get the baseline score for ARC challenge dataset using BERT

The major part of code is obtained from, and is modified based on in the repo.

Pre-trained on RACE

The first step is to pre-train the model on RACE (both M and H), and select epoch and other hyper parameters (step size and batch size) by a merged RACE validation dataset. After this step, the BERT-large model should have ~67% (accuracy) on RACE-H test and ~40% on ARC-Challenge test, and BERT-base should have ~63% on RACE-H test and ~36% on ARC-Challenge test.

Finetune on ARC

In this step, you need to train on merged ARC-Easy and ARC-challenge based on the previous pre-trained model, and select hyper-parameters based on the merged ARC-Easy and ARC-Challenge validation dataset (selected model has 58% or so accuracy on this merged validation data). After this step, the single model performance on ARC-Challenge test is around 44-45% and 68-69% on ARC-Easy. Performance could be further boosted by ensembling more models.


Race dataset could be obtained following this link For ARC dataset, we are using the method in to prepare passages. Also please refer to the data folder for how to place data and pretrained model to make the code work, it is organized this way mainly for training on Microsoft server purpose.


This repo describe how to generate the ARC-Challenge submission for BERT Baseline



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