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/// We assume that you have stored your data within this schema:
/// MyApp.Model.Storage: Filename,FileSize,Content,ContentType
Class zen.downloadStream Extends (,%CSP.StreamServer)
/// Wrapper to get the id of the download, we assume that the id is passed to this zen page
/// as a URI parameter, i.e.: MyApp.Downloads.cls?OID=1234
ClassMethod GetId()
Quit $Get(%request.Data("OID",1))
/// Set the appropriate header for the file.
ClassMethod OnPreHTTP() As %Boolean
Set tId = ..GetId()
If ##Class(MyApp.Model.Storage).%ExistsId(tId) {
Set tStream = ##Class(MyApp.Model.Storage).%OpenId(tId)
// You could "guess" the content type by its file extension
// or you can store it (before) in the database separately (like in this example).
// Set Extension = $Piece(tStream.Filename,".",$Length(tStream.Filename,"."))
// Set ContentType = ..FileClassify(Extension)
Set %response.ContentType = tStream.ContentType
Do %response.SetHeader("content-disposition","attachment; filename="_tStream.Filename)
Do %response.SetHeader("Content-Length",tStream.FileSize)
Else {
Set %response.Status="404 File Not Found"
Quit 0
Quit $$$OK
ClassMethod OnPage() As %Status
Set Download = ##Class(MyApp.Model.Storage).%OpenId(..GetId())
Do Download.Content.OutputToDevice()
Quit $$$OK
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