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/// This class includes methods which collect WebTerminal's analytics such as error and installation reports.
Class WebTerminal.Analytics
/// This method sends a report about installation status, including error message if any errors happened.
ClassMethod ReportInstallStatus (status As %Status = 1, type As %String = "Install") As %Status
set req = ##class(%Net.HttpRequest).%New()
set req.Server = ""
do req.EntityBody.Write("v=1&tid=<!-- @echo package.gaID -->&cid="_##class(%SYS.System).InstanceGUID()
_"&t=event&aiid="_$ZCONVERT($zv, "O", "URL")_"&ec="_$ZCONVERT(type, "O", "URL")_"&ea="
_$case($$$ISOK(status), 1: "Success", : "Failure")_"&el="
_$ZCONVERT($System.Status.GetErrorText(status), "O", "URL"))
try {
return req.Post("/collect")
} catch e {
write "Unable to send analytics to " _ req.Server _ ", skipping analytics collection."
return $$$OK
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