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Seed for sharing files via uid with InterSystems Cache
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Seed for sharing files via uid with InterSystems Cache.


  1. Create new namespace (eg. fileserver) with new database.
  2. Import files (git-clone or download zip-archive).
  3. Compile all files.
  4. Create new web-application "/fileserver", with dispatch class: Fileserver.Broker
  5. Set global ^Settings("user_files_dir") value as a path to directory, which would store user uploaded files.

If installation has been completed successfully, then your server will be available at: http://[server ip]:[server port]/fileserver/files
Test info at: http://[server ip]:[server port]/fileserver/test
Add directory with files to fileserver: do ##class(Fileserver.File).AddDir("Path\to\dir")

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