Remote Code Execution for InterSystems Caché
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Remote Code Execution for InterSystems Caché.
Can execute code on:
Windows -> Windows, Linux
Linux -> Linux


  1. Import and compile all classes (any namespace).
  2. (Non-required) Set following global values:
    set ^settings("exec") = {path to psexec (only for windows sysytems, to manage other windows systems) - or add to PATH and leave empty}

The following settings are for test server (set to use do ##class(RCE.Tests).TestConnection() method):
set ^settings("test description") = {Server description}
set ^settings("test ip")= {Server ip (host)}
set ^settings("test username") = {OS username}
set ^settings("test password") = {OS password{
set ^settings("test osbit") = {OS bit: x64 or x86}
set ^settings("test osname") = {OS "windows" or "linux"}
set ^settings("test cache name") = {Caché instance name}
set ^settings("test cache version") = {Caché version}
set ^settings("test cache security") = {Security settings, may be "Minimal","Normal","Locked Down"}
set ^settings("test cache user") = {Caché username if required}
set ^settings("test cache password") = {Caché user password, if required}
set ^settings("test cache dir") = {Caché installation directory}


See RCE.Tests class for usage example.