Simple UI for RESTForms built with React
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This project is implementation of RESTForms UI built with React. It also uses Antd as main UI library.

In future project will migrate to React 16 and Antd 3+.

To build this project you need Node 6+ installed. Or you can grab latest stable version from Releases tab.

You can build the project by your own (notice, it might be not stable version in master branch) or you can download production bundle from Releases tab.

How to build

  1. Pull the repository and navigate to the repository folder
  2. Open index.csp and change server line to address of your rest application.
  3. Open a local terminal or command line and execute next commands:
npm install
npm run build

The production files will be placed in dist folder. Copy it to your CSP-application folder and use as general CSP-app.

For authentication Use built login.csp page as custom Caché Login Page for your application. Set cookies path to the same value for both rest and client app.

README will be updated