Search and categorization for InterSystems Documentation with iKnow and iFind
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The InterSystems DBMS has a built-in technology for working with non-structured data called iKnow and a full-text search technology called iFind. We decided to take a dive into both and make something useful. As the result, we have DocSearch — a web application for searching in InterSystems documentation using iKnow and iFind.

Usage description and information about technologies

Read post on Developer Community. Russian article on Habrahabr

Installation and Usage

Download the Installer.xml file from the latest release available on the corresponding page. Import the loaded Installer.xml file into the %SYS namespace and compile it. Enter the following command in the terminal in the %SYS namespace:

do ##class(Docsearch.Installer).setup(.pVars)

The process takes around 15-30 minutes because of the domain builiding process.

After that, the search will be available at the following address http://localhost:[port]/csp/docsearch/index.html