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triggerTracker is a single JavaScript file that, when loaded in your HTML file after jQuery is loaded, will provide event tracking in the developer console.

triggerTracker monitors events as they are triggered and their event handlers. The console output includes:

  • the triggered event type
  • the function that called trigger
  • the object that was the source of the trigger
  • the parameters passed by the trigger
  • the duration of the trigger
  • the event type
  • the event handler function
  • the target object of the event (Same as the source of the trigger)
  • the parameters passed to the event handler
  • the return result of the event handler
  • if e.preventDefault() or e. stopPropagation() were called
  • the duration of the event handler

The triggering of events that are initiated by the user are not tracked. So if the user clicks on a button the trigger event will not show in the console. But the handler for that click will show.

##Index https://github.com/intervalia/triggerTracker/wiki/Coding-to-improve-what-triggerTracker-tells-you

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