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Welcome to InterviewBit Academy

Day 1 covers: (Find these inside week-0/day-1)

  • Bash
    • Segregate photos by years. Run this: cd week-0/day-1/photos and then run script like this: bash ../
    • Play music for 15 mins and then turn off music. Run like this: bash
    • Good resource for starting out with bash:
  • Git
    • git init: Initialize a git repository on local.
    • git add filename: Add a file to track it using git.
    • git commit: Create new version of your project.
    • git push origin master: Push your updated local code on remote git server, i.e Github in our case.
    • git clone Clone a remote repository in your local machine.
    • Good resource to learn about git:

Day 1 Assignment:

Download Dark Knight HD wallpapers using bash script from this URL:


  • Go to this URL:
  • Fork the repository. There is a fork button in top right
  • Clone the forked repo. Example: git clone This will copy the codebase to your local filesystem
  • Add you script under day-1 in week-0. Do git add and git commit -m "some commit message"
  • Second last step is pushing it on remote git server i.e Github. Use this command: git push origin master
  • Final step is too make a Pull Request here:

Day 2 covers: (Find these inside week-0/day-2)

  • Git - few more important flows
    • Git recap: Checkout archived video for the example.
    • Branching and merging in git. How to make a pull request and review?
  • MVC using Flask as framework
    • What is virtual environment?
    • How data flows from server to client?
    • What is model, view & controller?

Day 3 covers: (Find these inside week-0/day-3)

  • MVC using Flask
  • CRUD
  • APIs

Day 3 Class Assignment:

Implement a ToDo app in Flask.


  1. Go to this URL:
  2. Fork the repository. There is a fork button in top right
  3. Clone the forked repo. Example: git clone This will copy the codebase to your local filesystem.
  4. Go to day-3 in week-0. Run this command: source This will setup virtual environment and install flask.
  5. Create a new branch: git checkout -b YOUR_BRANCH_NAME
  6. Implement the basic page. Add you files in git. Commit you code and push using this command: git push origin YOUR_BRANCH_NAME
  7. Go to your forked repo. Make a pull request in master from the branch YOUR_BRANCH_NAME.
  8. Review your pull request. Merge it if it looks good. Repeat from step 5 until your project is finished.

Day 3 Homework:

  • Again go through Flask Tutorial( with the knowledge of MVC.
  • Complete the ToDo App:
    • Connect Model with the DB.
    • Write view in separate file.
    • Add another parameter in URL num, which indicate how many todos a user want to view.
    • Make a pull request in original repository with screenshots.
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