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Here it is - free and open source Korg MS2000 MIDI editor and librarian panel.

What is implemented

  • Program management
    • Save / load single programs and patch banks to / from disk
    • Transmit / receive single programs and patch banks to / from the MS2000
  • Access to all "Edit (LCD) Mode" parameters
  • Sequence editor
  • Recalling parameters on project load (must be activated in the panel settings first)
  • Vocoder mode
  • Transferring data between timbres
  • *.prg format support for single patches (still untested)
  • Saving panel settings into a separate file on HDD instead of DAW project save state
  • Color schemes support
  • Timbre randomizer

What is in development

  • Nothing more

Note for users

This software may contain bugs. Contact me by codec Feel free to report if you found any. Details of what happened and under what circumstances are highly appreciated.


All files are available to download on the latest Release page of this repository. Be sure to check it out and grab the file that suits your needs.

Quick start

  • Synthesizer side
    • Global options - 2A Memory Protect - Off
    • Global options - 3A MIDI Ch - your choice
    • Global options - 4D MIDI Filter SystemEx - Enable
  • Panel side:
    • Open panel
    • Set MIDI Input, MIDI Output, MIDI Channel (which you set above)

I also suggest you to change synthesizer clock mode to "External" before transmitting / receiving bulk dump data to avoid data errors.

At this point the panel is ready to work!


This panel was created using great Ctrlr software by Roman Kubiak. While you are able to run Ctrlr on your system - you are able to run this panel. Release will be packed with source .panel file.

Exported instances (standalone, vst32, vst64) will be provided only for single platform - Windows.

You also might want to check the Youtube Demo.

Have fun using your MS2000!

ReMS2000 panel