Commits on Feb 10, 2012
  1. WIP broken gen_slice_tables

    intgr committed Feb 10, 2012
Commits on Feb 8, 2012
  1. Minor clean-up.

    tpircher committed Feb 8, 2012
    Document previous commit.
    Use set() instead of repeated tests of equality in the symbol table.
  2. Merge pull request #1 from intgr/master

    tpircher committed Feb 8, 2012
    Bad-looking C code generated; make sure the bit-by-bit(fast) code does not contain two instructions on one line.
  3. Re-add newline between separate C statements in bit-by-bit(-fast)

    intgr committed Feb 7, 2012
    This bug was introduced in 0.7.9. The parser eats newline characters
    directly following block delimiters, so I'm moving the semicolon to
    after the block terminator.
Commits on Jan 4, 2012
  1. Updated copyright year.

    tpircher committed Jan 4, 2012
Commits on Jan 1, 2012
  1. Typos and formatting of copyright message.

    tpircher committed Jan 1, 2012
    Fixed some typos and formatting issues in the copyright message of the source files.
    Minor documentation improvements in the code.
Commits on Dec 19, 2011
  1. Added 4 more CRC models.

    tpircher committed Dec 19, 2011
    Added the models crc-12-3gpp, crc-16-genibus, crc-32-bzip2 and crc-64-xz.
    Taken from Greg Cook's Catalogue of parametrised CRC algorithms:
Commits on Dec 14, 2011
  1. Documentation fix: use the model name crc-32-mpeg.

    tpircher committed Dec 14, 2011
    Fixed a mistake in the man page that still used the old model name
    crc-32mpeg instead of crc-32-mpeg.  Thanks to Marek Erban.
Commits on Dec 8, 2011
  1. version 0.7.9

    tpircher committed Dec 8, 2011
  2. Fix include file in the generated C89 code.

    tpircher committed Dec 8, 2011
    Fixed a bug in the generated C89 code that included stdint.h.
    Thanks to Frank (ftheile).
    Closes issue 3454356.
Commits on Nov 13, 2011
  1. Fix bug in the generated C89 code.

    tpircher committed Nov 9, 2011
    When generating C89 code for a 64 bit CRC, then the reulting CRC was
    always 0 for thje bit-by-bit and bit-by-bit-fast algorithms.
    Some minor changes:
    - Using the --verbose option made pycrc quit without error message.
    - Updated the README file with the pycrc logo (sort of).
    - Small changes in the documentation.
Commits on Nov 9, 2011
  1. Fixed a bug in the generated C89 code when using a 64 bit CRC.

    tpircher committed Nov 9, 2011
    Using the --verbose option made pycrc quit without error message.
Commits on Nov 1, 2011
  1. 2011-07-10

    tpircher committed Jul 9, 2011
        When generating C code for the C89 or ANSI standard, don't include <stdint.h>.
        This closes issue 3338930
        If no output file name is given while generating a C file, then pycrc will
        #include a hypothetical pycrc.h file instead of a stdout.h file.
        Also, added a comment on that line to make debugging easier.
        Closes issue 3325109.
        Removed unused variable "this_option_optind" in the generated option parser.
  2. 2011-02-11

    tpircher committed Feb 11, 2011
        * all files:
        Updated the copyright year.
        Fixed some coding style issues found by pylint and pychecker.
        Substituted the deprecated function atoi() with int(). Closes issue 3136566.
        Thanks to Tony Smith.
        * doc/pycrc.xml:
        Updated the documentation using Windows-style calls to the Python interpreter.
  3. 2010-10-21

    tpircher committed Oct 20, 2010
        Fixed a minor bug in the command line parsing of the generated main function.
        Rewritten macro parser from scratch. Simplified the macro language.
        * changed a simple division (/) to a integer division (//)
        for Python3 compatibility.
  4. 2010-03-27

    tpircher committed Mar 28, 2010
        C/C++ code can now be generated for the table-driven algorithm with widths
        that are not byte-ligned or less than 8.
        W A R N I N G: introduced new variable crc_shift, member of the crc_cfg_t
                       structure, that must be initialised manually when the width
                       was undefined during C/C++ code generation.
        Python implementation of the table-driven algorithm can handle widths less
        than 8.
        Suppressed warnings of unused cfg structure on partially defined models.
        Removed half-baken and confusing --direct option.
        *, minor code cleanup.
  5. 2010-01-24

    tpircher committed Jan 24, 2010
        * changed the xor-in value of the crc-64-jones model.
        * Set xmodem parameters equal to the zmodem params.
        *,, crc_parser: uniform error messages.
        * added a warning for even polynoms.
        * added crc-16-modbus. Closes issue 2896611.
        * Fix for unused variable argv.
        Closes issue 2893224. Thanks to Marko von Oppen.
  6. 2009-10-25

    tpircher committed Oct 24, 2009
        * renamed crc-32mpeg to crc-32-mpeg.
        * added crc-64-jones CRC model. Thanks to Waterspirit.
  7. 2009-09-30

    tpircher committed Sep 29, 2009
        * fixed a bug that caused the result of the Python table-driven
        code not being evaluated at all.
        Closes issue 2870630. Thanks to Ildar Muslukhov.
  8. 2009-03-26

    tpircher committed Apr 4, 2009
    	* added crc-32mpeg. Thanks to Thomas Edwards.
  9. 2009-02-15

    tpircher committed Feb 27, 2009
    	* code tidy-up.
    	*, added --direct option.
    	* added --direct option for the generated code.
    	* added --check-hexstring option. Closes issue 2545183.
    	Thanks to Arnim Littek.
    	* added a check for extra arguments on the command line.
    	Closes issue 2545185. Thanks to Arnim Littek.
    	* doc/pycrc.xml: Added one more example.
  10. 2008-12-11

    tpircher committed Dec 11, 2008
    	* all files: run Python's 2to3 script on the files.
    	* all files: check the code on a x64 platform.
    	* fixed a bug that raised an exception when an unknown model
    	was selected.
  11. 2008-06-05

    tpircher committed Jun 4, 2008
    	* fixed a bug in the print_params function. Closes issue
    	1985197. Thanks to Artur Lipowski.
    	* pycrc.xml: new license: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0
    	Unported License.
  12. 2008-03-02

    tpircher committed Mar 3, 2008
    	* added dallas-1-wire 8 bit CRC.
    	* fixed a problem with the generated code for
    	bit-by-bit-fast algorithms. Thanks to Hans Bacher.
    	* added r-crc-16 model (DECT (cordless digital standard)
    	packets A-field according to ETSI EN 300 175-3 v2.1.1).
    	Thanks to "raimondo".
    	* added extern "C" declaration to the generated C header
    	file. Thanks to Nathan Royer.
    	* changed the API to take the CRC model direct as
    	parameter. Deleted the need for an obscure "opt" object.
    	* added --crc-type and --include-file options.
    	* added new file to handle CRC models
  13. 2007-12-05

    tpircher committed Dec 5, 2007
    	* fixed a bug in the code generator for the table-driven
    	algorithm. Thanks to Tom McDermott. Closes issue 1843774
  14. 2007-10-13

    tpircher committed Oct 12, 2007
    	* fixed some portability problems in the generated code.
    	Thanks to Helmut Bauer. Closes issue 1812894
    	* added new models: crc-5, crc-15, crc-16-usb, crc-24, crc-64.
    	The new models are taken from Ray Burr's CrcMoose.
    	* --check-file works now with --width < 8. Closes issue 1794343
    	* Removed unnecessary restriction on the width when using the
    	bit-by-bit-fast algorithm. Closes issue 1794344
  15. 2007-08-25

    tpircher committed Aug 24, 2007
    	* the parameter to --check-string was ignored. Closes issue
    	* the parameter to --check-string was ignored. Closes issue
    	* simplified the table-driven code. Closes issue 1727128
    	* changed the macro language syntax to a better format
    	* changed the macro language syntax to a better format
    	* changed the macro language syntax to a better format
    	* Renamed to
    	* all files: Documented thge usage of the crc_* modules
  16. 2007-08-12

    tpircher committed Aug 11, 2007
    	* test/ Added test for C89 compilation
    	* test/main.c: Added a test case to loop over the input bytes one by one
    	* Bugfix in the source code generator for C89:
    	Compilation error due to mismatch of parameters in the crc_finalize
    	* Changes related to 919107: Code generator includes
    	reflect() function even if not needed
    	* Fixed a typo in the C89 source code generator.
    	Thanks to Helmut Bauer
    	* all files: Tidied up the documentation
    	* all files: Code cleanup
    	* Deleted obsolete options
  17. 2007-05-15

    tpircher committed May 20, 2007
    	* Added the --std option to generate C89 (ANSI) compliant code
    	* Reduced the size of the symbol table by re-arranging
    	* test/ Added a new check to the test script which validate all
    	possible combination of undefined parameters
    	* Made the generated main function cope with command line
    	* Added the --generate table option
    	* Added a template engine for the code generation. Split up into smaller modules
    	* Added obsolete options again tor legacy reasons.
    	Added a better handling of the --model parameter.
    	* Changed licence to the MIT licence. This makes the additional
    	clause for generated source code obsolete.
    	Changed all command line options with underscores to hyphen (e.g.
    	table_driven becomes table-driven).
    	Added the option --generate which obsoletes the old options --generate_c
    	--generate_h etc.
  18. 2007-03-25

    tpircher committed Mar 25, 2007
    	* Fixed bug 1686404: unhandled exception when called with
    	both options --table_idx_width and --check_file
    	* Eliminated useless declaration of crc_reflect, when not used
    	* Corrected typos in the documentation
  19. 2007-01-27

    tpircher committed Jan 26, 2007
    	* Eliminated needless documentation of not generated functions
    	* Added more parameter sets (now supported: crc-8, crc-16, citt,
    	kermit, x-25, xmodem, zmodem, crc-32, crc-32c, posix, jam, xfer) from
    	* doc/pycrc.xml: Many corrections to the manual (thanks Francesca)
    	Documented the new parameter sets
    	* test/ added some new tests, disabled the random loop
    	* Added Doxygen documentation strings to the functions.
    	Added the --symbol_prefix option
    	Added the --check_file option
    	* doc/pycrc.xml: Corrected many typos and bad phrasing (still a lot to do)
    	Documented the --symbol_prefix option
    	* test/ Added a non-regression test on the generated C source
  20. 2007-01-14

    tpircher committed Jan 14, 2007
    	* first public release pycrc v0.3