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32feet.NET is a shared-source project to make personal area networking technologies such as Bluetooth, Infrared (IrDA) and more, easily accessible from .NET code. Supports desktop, mobile or embedded systems. 32feet.NET is free for commercial or non-commercial use. If you use the binaries you can just use the library as-is, if you make modifications to the source you need to include the 32feet.NET License.txt document and ensure the file headers are not modified/removed. The project currently consists of the following libraries:-

- Bluetooth
- IrDA
- Object Exchange
- Bluetooth LE (Coming soon)
- IrDA (Obsolete)
- Object Exchange (Legacy libraries only)
- USB (Coming soon)

Bluetooth support requires a device with either the Microsoft, Widcomm, BlueSoleil, or Stonestreet One Bluetopia Bluetooth stack. Requires .NET Compact Framework v3.5 or above and Windows CE.NET 4.2 or above, or .NET Framework v3.5 for desktop Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10. A subset of functionality is available for Windows Phone 8 and Windows Embedded Handheld 8 in the InTheHand.Phone.Bluetooth.dll library.
Bluetooth support requires .NET Framework v4.6.1 for desktop Windows 7, 8 and 10. Android and Apple macOS and iOS are also supported.

## Downloading
Downloads are available here on the _Downloads_ tab. Packages are also available at NuGet:-

- InTheHand.Devices.Bluetooth - Modern (v4.x) - Preview
[![NuGet version](](
- InTheHand.Net.Bluetooth - Standard (v4.x)
[![NuGet version](](

- 32feet.NET - Legacy (v3.x)
[![NuGet version](](

- 32feet.NET.Phone - Windows Phone
- InTheHand.Devices.Bluetooth - Experimental UWP API (v4.x) - Obsolete
[![NuGet version](](

- 32feet.NET.Phone - Windows Phone - Obsolete
[![NuGet version](](

- InTheHand.Devices.Enumeration (Windows 8 / Windows Phone Device Pickers)
- InTheHand.Devices.Enumeration (Windows 8 / Windows Phone Device Pickers) - Obsolete
[![NuGet version](](

## Documentation / Tutorial

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