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  • ea39fc4 doc: Update changelog and roll version for v14
  • e7f6f8f chore: Add content to the About page
  • f38b641 chore: Add some simple content to the Home page
  • e39f527 build: Upload "latest" files from all platforms when doing releases
  • 7f10f36 feat: Add ability to cancel downloads [ #47 ]
  • 8cc0b36 chore: Add more instructions about certs, ability to run cert server from settings [ #51, #53 ]
  • 0998701 chore: Add "IsOnline" checks [ #43 ]
  • 71422ad chore: Add custom log levels to match buttplug, fix logging events
  • 89ab052 chore: Clean up formatting in FrontendConnector
  • a3daa79 fix: Only check for updates after GUI has started [ #48 ]
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  • 3419d64 fix: Show "Finished" message when updates are done. [ #52 ]
  • cc4bcdb feat: Add home panel stub

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