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Maximum awesomeness Emacs setup.

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This is my configuration for emacs. It is (as of SHA: 3edb1c7bd6d3c82c572831751d89a9a732342fc9) the following features.

  • ag (silver searcher fast search)
  • autotest (ruby)
  • bundler (BROKEN)
  • coffee-mode
  • gist
  • go-mode
  • ido-ubiquitous
  • magit
  • markdown-mode
  • paredit
  • php-mode
  • powerline
  • rspec-mode
  • ruby-compilation
  • rvm
  • smex
  • yaml-mode
  • zenburn-theme

Everything is based on dmitri/el-get to keep everything under control.

In addition to that everything is configured to be easy to use for people coming from Textmate (at least it was when I started working on this. I've been on Emacs for too long now :)).


  • defaults.el - changes to default emacs configuration
  • el-get-user/* - configuration for packages installed via el-get
  • init.el - sets up the whole el-get system
  • interface.el - look and feel stuff
  • languages.el - configuration for programming languages modes. Eventually I plan to move most of this in el-get-user
  • system.el - system specific configuration, you should edit this to input your personal paths and stuff like that


Starting from a clean emacs, it should just suffice to replace your ~/.emacs.d with the repository you cloned and then start emacs. When it's done, reboot it for maximum awesomeness :)

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