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The language redirect extension
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Language Redirect

Redirects to the appropriate language section based on the content encoding preferred by the Web browser.

Version History

  • 2/2013 – Radiant 1.1.x compatible, fix deprecations, gemify
  • 5/2011 – Radiant 1.0 compatible
  • 4/2009 – Radiant 0.8 compatible
  • 2/2009 – Radiant 0.7 compatible
  • 1/2007 – Intital Import


  • add to your Gemfile: gem "radiant-language_redirect-extension"
  • run bundle


You can add a “config” part to the page which maps languages to URLs
in the following format:

  lang: url
  lang: url

Where “lang” refers to a language code and “url” refers to the URL
which should be redirected to based on the preferred content
encoding of the Web browser.

The following listing is a sample “config” page part:

en: /en/
ja: /ja/
: /en/

In this example, when the browser prefers English content it will be
redirected to the “/en/” URL. When it prefers Japanese content it will
be redirected to the “/ja/” URL. In the event that the browser prefers
something other than English or Japanese content, they will be
redirected to the “/en/” URL. This is what the "
" in the last entry
does. URLs can be either relative (without “http://hostname.tld”) or
absolute (with “http://hostname.tld”).

If no “config” part is specified the behavior will force the page to
redirect to the “/en/” folder.


Created by Giovanni Intini, maintained by contributors

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