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Find deleted associations which act as paranoid
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May Be Deleted

This plugin is meant to be used in conjuction with acts_as_paranoid.


Finding deleted has_one and belongs_to associative records, which have been deleted via acts_as_paranoid.


To show the author_name of an article, whose author has been deleted:


assuming that article belongs_to author

belongs_to :author, class_name => "User"

Example Usage

Consider a case of an application where a user(“Bob”) has created a note. Bob has left the organization and is “deleted” from the system. However the note created by Bob is not deleted. When rendering the note, the name of the creator => “Bob” needs to be displayed, even though he is “deleted” from the system.

A better use is explained in this blog article.

Copyright © 2009 Udit Sajjanhar, Intinno Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

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