neat library for helping write Tumblr themes in Haml
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haml_tumblr => gem install haml_tumblr

a lovely library for writing tumblr themes with haml

2.0: everything now uses =, and it's all using the tumblr :whatever format -- no more tumblr_link_tag

Your theme folder should look something like this:

  style.sass or style.scss

Add - require 'haml_tumblr to the top of your main template ( theme.haml in the example ) and you're ready to go!

haml_tumblr lets you do neat stuff like:

= render :posts
# inserts 'partials/_posts.haml' into the template

= tumblr :title
# outputs '{Title}' to the template

= tumblr :posts do
# wraps the block in '{block:Posts}' tags

= link_to 'home', '/'
= link_to '/' do
# basically the same as rails' link_to helper

= sass_tag :style
# converts 'style.sass' to raw css and inserts it into the template

= sass_tag :style
# same as 'sass_tag', but for scss stylesheets

= coffee_tag :scripts
# pretty much the previous two with coffeescript

= jquery_tag
# adds jquery to the template. nothing more, nothing less.
# you can specify a version of jquery to add, like so:
= jquery_tag "1.7.2"

Fire up rake to get a gemspec, which can then be gem build and gem install'd. Alternatively, just do gem install haml_tumblr.