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Goobi workflow Plugin: goobi-plugin-dashboard-example

These are the example implementation for Goobi workflow dashboard plugins.

Plugin details

More information about the functionality of this plugin and the complete documentation can be found in the central documentation area at

Detail Description
Plugin identifier goobi-plugin-dashboard-example
Plugin type step
Documentation (German)
Documentation (English) - still to be translated -

Goobi details

Goobi workflow is an open source web application to manage small and large digitisation projects mostly in cultural heritage institutions all around the world. More information about Goobi can be found here:

Detail Description
Goobi web site
Goobi community


This plugin was developed by intranda. If you have any issues, feedback, question or if you are looking for more information about Goobi workflow, Goobi viewer and all our other developments that are used in digitisation projects please get in touch with us.

Contact Details
Company name intranda GmbH
Address Bertha-von-Suttner-Str. 9, 37085 Göttingen, Germany
Web site
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