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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<!-- Goobi viewer configuration file -->
<!-- It is important that the encoding of the file is UTF-8, otherwise there
might be problems with german umlauts in the rss feed section -->
<!-- configFolder: contains local configuration files, i.e. this file with local modifications that override the global one -->
<!-- viewerHome: root path of (usually) all viewer data -->
<!-- dataRepositoriesHome: root folder for data repositories -->
<!-- indexedMetsFolder: contains indexed mets files (used by the METS resolver) -->
<!-- indexedLidoFolder: contains indexed lido files (used by the LIDO resolver) -->
<!-- mediaFolder: contains media files that are displayed in the Goobi viewer (images, audio, video) -->
<!-- sourceContentFolder: contains born-digital material that was uploaded in the Goobi viewer (see <content> also) -->
<!-- pdfFolder: contains pre-generated PDFs -->
<!-- cmsTextFolder: contains extracted CMS page texts for indexing -->
<!-- altoFolder: contains ALTO files -->
<!-- abbyyFolder: contains ABBYY XML files -->
<!-- fulltextFolder: contains plain full-text files -->
<!-- wcFolder: contains TEI word coordinate files -->
<!-- teiFolder: contains TEI metadata/fulltext files -->
<!-- cmdiFolder: contains CMDI metadata/fulltext files -->
<!-- annotationFolder: contains JSON files of annotations for indexing -->
<!-- hotfolder: defines the hotfolder from the Goobi viewer Indexer for indexing uploaded born-digital-material (see <content> also) -->
<!-- stopwordsFile: location of the stopword.txt file used in Solr -->
<!-- Path to METS-file via OAI for linking in bibliographic data -->
<!-- Path to MarcXML-record via OAI for linking in bibliographic data -->
<!-- Path to DublinCore record via OAI for linking in bibliographic data -->
<!-- Path to ESE record via OAI for linking in bibliographic data -->
<!-- solr: URL to the Solr index core -->
<!-- contentServer: relative path to contentServer from the Goobi viewer context -->
<contentServer external="false">/</contentServer>
<!-- <contentServer external="true">http://localhost:8081/ics/</contentServer> -->
<!-- contentServerWrapper: absolute path to the content servlet -->
<!-- dfg-viewer: absolute path to DFG-Viewer for linking in bibliographic data -->
<!-- The iiif service url from which images are requested via iiif -->
<!-- The base urls to access download pages for pdf and epub downloads -->
<!-- userRegistrationEnabled: If false, widgets for user registration / password retrieval are hidden. Default is true. -->
<!-- List of authentication providers. Each <provider> element defines an authentication provider.
Possible attributes for providers are: type, show, name, endpoint (auth URL), clientId, clientSecret, image, timeout. -->
<provider type="local" show="true" name="Goobi viewer"/>
<provider type="openId" show="true" name="Google" endpoint="" clientId="CHANGEME" clientSecret="CHANGEME" image="google.png" />
<provider type="openId" label="CHANGEME" show="false" ame="Facebook" endpoint="" clientId="" clientSecret="" image="facebook.png" />
<provider type="userPassword" label="CHANGEME" show="false" name="VuFind" endpoint="https://vuFind.example/Api/User/Auth" image="vufind.png" timeout="7000"/>
<!-- SMTP configuration. 'smtpSenderName' (defaults to the value of 'smtpSenderAddress')
and 'smtpSecurity' (defaults to NONE) are optional, all others are mandatory and have no default value. -->
<smtpSenderName>Goobi viewer</smtpSenderName>
<!-- pageLoaderThreshold: number of pages a record has to have to switch to a lean page loading strategy that limit memory usage (default is 1000) -->
<!-- If true, all HTTP responses will contain attributes preventing proxies etc. from caching contents. Default is false. -->
<!-- unconditionalImageAccesMaxWidth: Access conditions are not applied to images below this width - Thumbnails -->
<!-- fullAccessForLocalhost: If true, users on localhost will be granted superuser access. Default is false. -->
<!-- enables reCaptcha integration for the feedback formular -->
<reCaptcha show="false">
<provider name="Google" siteKey="CHANGEME" />
<!-- externalPdfGeneration: Create pdfs in an external intranda TaskManager. Default is false. -->
<!-- pdfApiDisabled: if true, the content servlet will reject PDF queries -->
<!-- titlePdfEnabled: if true, PDF a download link for the entire record is displayed in the title bar (where enabled in the XHTML) (default is true) -->
<!-- tocPdfEnabled: if true, PDF download links for each structural element is displayed in the TOC (default is true) -->
<!-- metadataPdfEnabled: if true, a PDF download link for the entire record is displayed on the metadata page (default is true) -->
<!-- pagePdfEnabled: if true, a special icon allows PDF download of single pages in the image view (default is false) -->
<!-- downloadFolder: Folder for generated download files -->
<!-- docHierarchyPdfEnabled: shows an icon to generate a PDF out of the Table of Contents -->
<!-- titlePdfEnabled: if true, PDF a download link for the entire record is displayed in the title bar (where enabled in the XHTML) (default is true) -->
<!-- tocPdfEnabled: if true, PDF download links for each structural element is displayed in the TOC (default is true) -->
<!-- metadataPdfEnabled: if true, a PDF download link for the entire record is displayed on the metadata page (default is true) -->
<!-- Folder for generated download files -->
<!-- pageBrowse: if true, page browsing in work is enabled. It allows to browse through the work in different steps (default is false). -->
<!-- doublePageMode: if enabled, offers an option to switch to a double page view -->
<!--zoomImageView and zoomFullscreenView: define the different viewer options for the standard view and fullscreen view, respecively. Possibilities for
the "type" attribute are: classic and openlayers "Width" and "height" attributes define the size of the image display, in pixel set the attribute "tileImage"
to true to use tiled images if possible (only possible when type=openlayers) -->
<!-- PNGs: Deliver the entire image directly. Very fast, but the full image size must be delivered. If that is too large, remove this setting -->
<zoomImageView tileImage="false" footerHeight="50">
<!-- Default settings for fullscreen mode -->
<zoomImageView type="openSeadragon" tileImage="true" footerHeight="50">
<!-- Default settings for image view -->
<zoomImageView type="openSeadragon" tileImage="true" footerHeight="50">
<!-- limitImageHeight: If true, the image width is divided by the
image hight and if the result is below the lowerRatioThreshold or above the upperRatioThreshold,
the default image view will set the OpenSeadragon canvas to a
hight of 1200px. Default is true with a lowerRatioThreshold of 0,3 and an upperRatioThreshold of 3.0 -->
<limitImageHeight lowerRatioThreshold="0.3" upperRatioThreshold="3.0">true</limitImageHeight>
<!-- rememberImageZoom: if true, the image zoom is saved in the user session and persistent during browsing-->
<!-- rememberImageRotation: if true, the image rotation is saved in the user session and persistent during browsing -->
<!-- URL patterns for external image urls which should be served via the contentServner
All image urls (= page filenames in SOLR) which match one of the externalContent.restrictedUrls.urls
Will not be delivered to the client directly, but rather embedded within a contentServer IIIF url, so the actual image
is requested by the viewer/contentServer and not the client
<!-- max. allowed values for ContentServer arguments, higher values than these will be reduced to the values defined here -->
<!-- thumbnailsPerPage: number of thumbnails to show on one page -->
<!-- Optional: ThumbnailWidth und ThumbnailHeight, Default ist 100x120 -->
<!-- thumbnailsCompression: JPEG thumbnail compression in percent. Default is 85 -->
<!-- anchorThumbnailMode: Determines what kind of thumbnail to use foranchors.
Possible values are GENERIC (generic multivolume image), FIRSTVOLUME (representative thumbnail of the first attached volume). Default is GENERIC. -->
<!-- forceJpegConversion: Always request JPEG images from the content server. If false, the content server will determine the most efficient delivery format
based on image properties. Default is false. -->
<!-- watermarkTextConfiguration: Watermark text source. The order of <text> elements is the order in which each source will be checked. "URN" and "PURL"
are reserved keywords for URN and PURL, items starting with "SOLR:" must be followed by an existing Solr field name, all other text will be written as is. -->
<!-- set solr field that is used to define different watermark configuration ids -->
<!-- pageSelectionFormat: Format for the page selection drop-down menu items.
Values that are not among the following allowed variables will be displayed as-is.
Allowed variables: {order},{orderlabel},{numpages},{msg.xx} (xx being a message key) -->
<!-- pageTypes: Sub-elements of this element can override the URL names in the PageType enum. Sub-elements must have the same names as the enum values.
Custom URL names must be mapped in the faces config, too.
The @exit attribute defines a view to which #{navigationHelper.exitUrl} redirects for the view.
The value can either be
* "pretty:<pretty-mapping-id>" to navigate to that pretty mapping
* "previousView" to navigate to the previous view
* Any viewer url without the context path (e.g. "/" or "/index/" for the start page) -->
<!-- <search>suche</search> -->
<!-- <viewToc></viewToc> -->
<!-- <viewThumbs></viewThumbs> -->
<!-- <viewMetadata></viewMetadata> -->
<!-- <viewFulltext></viewFulltext> -->
<!-- <term></term> -->
<!-- <browse></browse> -->
<viewFullscreen exit="previousView">fullscreen</viewFullscreen>
<!-- <sites></sites> -->
<!-- docstructTargetPageTypes: Overrides the default target view URL for given docstruct types.
An optinal _DEFAULT configuration can be used for all docstruct types without an explicit configuration.
These targets are also used for PURL generation. -->
<!-- <_DEFAULT>metadata</_DEFAULT> -->
<!-- If a record's percentage of pages having full-Text/ALTO documents
falls below the configured value, a warning will be displayed for that record. -->
<!-- useViewerLocaleAsRecordLanguage: If true, changing the locale will
also change the preferred language for record metadata. Default is false. -->
<!-- theme: defines the theme that shall be used -->
<theme subTheme="false" mainTheme="reference" discriminatorField="" autoSwitch="true" addFilterQuery="false" filterQueryVisible="false">
<!-- rootPath: If the theme is localed externally, the CMS template loading
mechanism needs the root path of the theme. The path must be defined down
to the /themes folder, just above the folder named like the theme. -->
<!-- <rootPath>/opt/digiverso/goobi-viewer-theme-mytheme/goobi-viewer-theme-mytheme/WebContent/resources/themes/</rootPath> -->
<!-- name: Name of the Goobi viewer instance. This is shown in the OpenSearch description file -->
<name>Goobi viewer</name>
<!-- description: Goobi viewer instance description. This is shown in the OpenSearch description file -->
<description>Open source software for presenting your digital library or digital heritage online</description>
<!-- hitsPerPage: defines the number of elements that are shown in a search hitlist or when opening a collection -->
<!-- fulltextFragmentLength: Approximate length of the full-text fragment displayed in search hits. Default is 200. -->
<!-- filters: Filter definitions for the regular search. Each definition will be rendered as a radio button. Syntax is "filter_" + Solr field name (so that individual labels can be added). -->
<!-- <filter>filter_NORMDATATERMS</filter> -->
<!-- <filter>filter_UGCTERMS</filter> -->
<!-- <filter>filter_CMS_TEXT_ALL</filter> -->
<!-- enabled: if false, the option to sort search hits is hidden (since 2.0) -->
<!-- defaultSortField: Field used for initial sorting. Multiple semicolon-separated fields can be used for hierarchical sorting (e.g.
Default is empty.-->
<!-- Fields used for sorting. Fields must be configured as 'multiValued="false"' in the Solr schema. Multiple semicolon-separated fields can be used for
hierarchical sorting (e.g. <luceneField>SORT_FIELD1;SORT_FIELD2;SORT_FIELD3</luceneField>). -->
<!-- static: Sorting fields defined here will always used silently prior to the visible sorting fields. These fields can be used to always place
certain records on top, for example. -->
<!-- <field></field> -->
<!-- drillDown: Contains a list of fields that are available for facetting in a search result list -->
<hierarchicalField initialElementNumber="4">DC</hierarchicalField>
<field initialElementNumber="3">DOCSTRCT_TOP</field>
<field initialElementNumber="3">DOCSTRCT_SUB</field>
<field initialElementNumber="3" sortOrder="alphabetical_asc">MD_CREATOR</field>
<field initialElementNumber="3" sortOrder="alphabetical_asc">MD_PLACEPUBLISH</field>
<field initialElementNumber="3" sortOrder="numerical_desc">YEAR</field>
<!-- Enables the advanced search (default is true) -->
<!-- advancedSearchDefaultItemNumber: number of advanced search items to be rendered by default. Default is 2. -->
<!-- advancedSearchFields: index fields to be used in advanced search -->
<field hierarchical="true">DC</field>
<field untokenizeForPhraseSearch="true">MD_SHELFMARK</field>
<!-- Enables the timeline search (default is true) -->
<!-- Moegliche Werte fuer Startjahr und Endjahr sind ganze Jahre (auch Minus) sowie fuer Startjahr weiter der Wert MIN
und fuer Endjahr der Wert MAX. Bei MIN wird das kleinste verfuegbare Jahr aus dem solrIndex als Startwert genommen,
bei MAX das groesste verfuegbare als Endjahr -->
<!-- hits: Hits to fetch for the time matrix. The value 'MAX' will be the
maximum number defined in SolrSearchIndex.MAX_HITS. Default is 108. -->
<!-- Enables the calendar search (default is true) -->
<!-- searchSavingEnabled: Allow users to save executed searches to a list for later re-use. Default is true. -->
<!-- boostTopLevelDocstructs: If true, anchors receive a factor 10 boost,
volumes and standalone records a factor 5 boost. This results in anchors
appearing on top, followed by other records, followed by lower level docstructs,
when sorting by relevance. This element only works if aggregateHits=false. Default is true. -->
<!-- groupDuplicatHits: If true, metadata doc search hits that represent
the same entity will be grouped into one hit. Disable this if using a Solr
schema that doesn't yet support GROUPFIELD. Default is true. -->
<!-- aggregateHits: If true, only topstructs will be returned as hits, with child docstructs and pages being retrieved in an extra search. Default is true. -->
<!-- displayAdditionalMetadata: Add relevant metadata fields and values to the search hits if they contain requested search terms. Default is enabled=true. -->
<!-- ignoreField: Fields that add no value to the search hits but take up space (e.g. PI_TOPSTRUCT, DOCSTRCT)
can be configured to not be added as additional metadata. This element can be repeated. -->
<!-- translateField: Fields in this list will be highlighted with their translated value rather than raw. -->
<!-- staticQuerySuffix: Solr query suffix added to all search/list queries (e.g. for permanent filtering) -->
<!-- docstrctWhitelistFilterQuery: Filter query for including or excluding document types
(for collection listings, etc.). Default is "all records and anchors but no volumes". -->
<!-- Example query for also including periodical volumes:
<docstrctWhitelistFilterQuery>(ISWORK:true ISANCHOR:true) -IDDOC_PARENT:*</docstrctWhitelistFilterQuery>
<!-- versioning -->
<!-- previousVersionIdentifierField' defines the Solr field that contains the identifier for the preceding version -->
<!-- nextVersionIdentifierField: defines the Solr field that contains the identifier for the succeeding version -->
<!-- versionLabelField: Optional field containing the pre-definied version label; if no value found "PI (MD_YEARPUBLISH)" will be used -->
<!-- Search export settings -->
<!-- enabled: If true, Excel (.xlsx) export is enabled (default is false). -->
<!-- field: Solr fields to put into the export sheet. One element per field. -->
<collection field="DC">
<!-- splitingCharacter: defines symbol that splits collections into subcollections -->
<!-- In the following section you can define an index field that is used for default sorting when opening. Only non-multivalued fields may be used! -->
<field collection="varia">SORT_TITLE</field>
<!-- Collection names listed here will be listed first and in the given order; unlisted collections will be listed afterwards -->
<!-- <sortingList sortAfter="bibliotheken.100universitaetsbibliothek.200realkatalog"> -->
<!-- <collection>zeitschriften</collection> -->
<!-- </sortingList-->
<!-- Collection names listed here are hidden in the collection view. It is not consistent used in RSS feed, search, tag clouds etc. and hits from
this collection may appear there as well. -->
<!-- <collection>varia</collection> -->
<!-- The highest level of the collection tree at which the number of items for that (sub-)collection shall be displayed (default is 0). -->
<!-- The highest level of the collection hierarchy which will be displayed in the displayed in advanced search
0 is the first (lowest) level; a value of -1 means all levels are being displayed, this is also the default -->
<!-- Default-Image for tiled collection in CMS, relative to the image folder within the theme path.
No text means that no image is rendered for the collection -->
<!-- addHierarchyToBreadcrumbs: If true, the value hierarchy of this field will be added to
breadcrumbs (if not multivalued). Default is false. -->
<!-- true if opening a collection containing only a single work should redirect to that work -->
<!-- mainMetadataList: whitelist with metadata fields, that are displayed
in the Goobi viewer. The order of this files defines the order of the
fields in the bibliographic data as well. -->
<template name="_DEFAULT">
<!-- <metadata> </metadata> defines a single metadata element label=""
defines a label-key that needs to be translated in the
file value="" defines a string in a file where the
parameter can be embedded. <param /> defines the parameter that are passed
to the messages file. There is no parameter limit. type="" defins the type
of the parameter. Possible values are: - field: the content of the index
fields is passed through 1:1 - wikifield: the content of the index field
is modified to create Wikipedia valid links (additional info in brackets
remove, spaces replaced through underscores etc.) - wikipersonfield: in addition
to the modification from 'wikifield', first+ and surename are swapped (if
there is a comma in the string) - ppnfield: the first three characters of
the content of the index fields are cut. This is necesarry if you would like
to create an OPAC PPN link based on an index field - entityfield: interprets
the string as an aggregated list of the following values: Surename;Firstname;Lifedata;Wikilink
(static) key="" defines the index field All parameters can be used in the file using {0}, {1}, etc. This are a few exampled: -->
<metadata label="PI" value="">
<param type="field" key="PI" />
<metadata label="URN" value="">
<param type="field" key="URN" />
<metadata label="MD_TITLE" value="">
<param type="field" key="MD_TITLE" />
<metadata label="MD_NEWLOCATION" value="">
<param type="field" key="MD_NEWLOCATION" />
<metadata label="MD_SHELFMARK" value="">
<param type="field" key="MD_SHELFMARK" />
<metadata label="MD_OLDSHELFMARK" value="">
<param type="field" key="MD_OLDSHELFMARK" />
<metadata label="MD_INVENTORY_NUMBER" value="">
<param type="field" key="MD_INVENTORY_NUMBER" />
<metadata label="MD_OWNERINSTITUTION" value="">
<param type="field" key="MD_OWNERINSTITUTION" />
<metadata label="MD_OTHEROWNERINSTITUTION" value="">
<param type="field" key="MD_OTHEROWNERINSTITUTION" />
<metadata label="MD_SENDER" value="MASTERVALUE_WIKINORM"
<param type="field" key="MD_DISPLAYFORM" />
<param type="wikipersonfield" key="MD_DISPLAYFORM" />
<param type="normdatauri" key="NORM_URI" />
<metadata label="MD_COMPILER" value="MASTERVALUE_WIKINORM"
<param type="field" key="MD_DISPLAYFORM" />
<param type="wikipersonfield" key="MD_DISPLAYFORM" />
<param type="normdatauri" key="NORM_URI" />
<param type="field" key="MD_DISPLAYFORM" />
<param type="wikipersonfield" key="MD_DISPLAYFORM" />
<param type="normdatauri" key="NORM_URI" />
<metadata label="MD_AUTHOR" value="MASTERVALUE_WIKINORM"
<param type="field" key="MD_DISPLAYFORM" />
<param type="wikipersonfield" key="MD_DISPLAYFORM" />
<param type="normdatauri" key="NORM_URI" />
<metadata label="MD_COMPOSER" value="MASTERVALUE_WIKINORM"
<param type="field" key="MD_DISPLAYFORM" />
<param type="wikipersonfield" key="MD_DISPLAYFORM" />
<param type="normdatauri" key="NORM_URI" />
<param type="field" key="MD_DISPLAYFORM" />
<param type="wikipersonfield" key="MD_DISPLAYFORM" />
<param type="normdatauri" key="NORM_URI" />
<metadata label="MD_EDITOR" value="MASTERVALUE_WIKINORM"
<param type="field" key="MD_DISPLAYFORM" />
<param type="wikipersonfield" key="MD_DISPLAYFORM" />
<param type="normdatauri" key="NORM_URI" />
<param type="field" key="MD_DISPLAYFORM" />
<param type="wikipersonfield" key="MD_DISPLAYFORM" />
<param type="normdatauri" key="NORM_URI" />
<param type="field" key="MD_DISPLAYFORM" />
<param type="wikipersonfield" key="MD_DISPLAYFORM" />
<param type="normdatauri" key="NORM_URI" />
<metadata label="MD_EDITORCORPORATION" value="">
<param type="field" key="MD_EDITORCORPORATION" />
<metadata label="MD_PRINTER" value="MASTERVALUE_WIKINORM"
<param type="field" key="MD_DISPLAYFORM" />
<param type="wikipersonfield" key="MD_DISPLAYFORM" />
<param type="normdatauri" key="NORM_URI" />
<param type="field" key="MD_DISPLAYFORM" />
<param type="wikipersonfield" key="MD_DISPLAYFORM" />
<param type="normdatauri" key="NORM_URI" />
<metadata label="CURRENTNO" value="">
<param type="field" key="CURRENTNO" />
<metadata label="MD_PLACEOFORIGIN" value="">
<param type="field" key="MD_PLACEOFORIGIN" />
<metadata label="MD_DATEOTHER" value="">
<param type="field" key="MD_DATEOTHER" />
<metadata label="MD_DESTINATION" value="">
<param type="field" key="MD_DESTINATION" />
<metadata label="MD_LOCATION" value="LINK_WIKIPEDIA">
<param type="field" key="MD_LOCATION" />
<param type="wikipersonfield" key="MD_LOCATION" />
<metadata label="MD_PLACEPUBLISH" value="LINK_MAPS">
<param type="field" key="MD_PLACEPUBLISH" />
<metadata label="MD_PUBLISHER" value="">
<param type="field" key="MD_PUBLISHER" />
<metadata label="DOCSTRCT" value="">
<param type="translatedfield" key="DOCSTRCT" />
<metadata label="DC" value="">
<param type="translatedfield" key="DC" topstructOnly="true" />
<metadata label="MD_YEARPUBLISH" value="">
<param type="field" key="MD_YEARPUBLISH" />
<metadata label="MD_EDITION" value="">
<param type="field" key="MD_EDITION" />
<metadata label="MD_DATERECORDED" value="">
<param type="field" key="MD_DATERECORDED" />
<metadata label="MD_FORMATDDC" value="">
<param type="field" key="MD_FORMATDDC" />
<metadata label="MD_SIZESOURCEPRINT" value="">
<param type="field" key="MD_SIZESOURCEPRINT" />
<metadata label="MD_FORMATSOURCEPRINT" value="">
<param type="field" key="MD_FORMATSOURCEPRINT" />
<metadata label="MD_SCALE" value="">
<param type="field" key="MD_SCALE" />
<metadata label="MD_TECHNIQUE" value="">
<param type="field" key="MD_TECHNIQUE" />
<metadata label="MD_FORMTECHNIQUE" value="">
<param type="field" key="MD_FORMTECHNIQUE" />
<metadata label="MD_DESCRIPTION" value="">
<param type="field" key="MD_DESCRIPTION" />
<metadata label="MD_DRAWINGDESCRIPTION" value="">
<param type="field" key="MD_DRAWINGDESCRIPTION" />
<metadata label="MD_MATERIAL_DESCRIPTION" value="">
<param type="field" key="MD_MATERIAL_DESCRIPTION" />
<metadata label="MD_MOTIF_DESCRIPTION" value="">
<param type="field" key="MD_MOTIF_DESCRIPTION" />
<metadata label="MD_CONDITION" value="">
<param type="field" key="MD_CONDITION" />
<metadata label="MD_DRAWINGINFORMATION" value="">
<param type="field" key="MD_DRAWINGINFORMATION" />
<metadata label="MD_OWNERSHIP" value="">
<param type="field" key="MD_OWNERSHIP" />
<metadata label="MD_DDC" value="">
<param type="field" key="MD_DDC" />
<metadata label="MD_TAXONOMY" value="">
<param type="field" key="MD_TAXONOMY" />
<metadata label="MD_REFERENCE" value="">
<param type="field" key="MD_REFERENCE" />
<metadata label="MD_WATERMARK" value="">
<param type="field" key="MD_WATERMARK" />
<metadata label="MD_TOCPARTIALCONTENTS" value="">
<param type="field" key="MD_TOCPARTIALCONTENTS" />
<metadata label="MD_CATEGORY" value="">
<param type="field" key="MD_CATEGORY" />
<metadata label="MD_PURPOSE" value="">
<param type="field" key="MD_PURPOSE" />
<metadata label="MD_ILLUSTRATIONTYPE" value="">
<param type="field" key="MD_ILLUSTRATIONTYPE" />
<metadata label="MD_ACCESSCONDITIONCOPYRIGHT" value="">
<param type="field" key="MD_ACCESSCONDITIONCOPYRIGHT" />
<metadata label="MD_METAREMARK" value="">
<param type="field" key="MD_METAREMARK" />
<metadata label="MD_INFORMATION" value="">
<param type="field" key="MD_INFORMATION" />
<metadata label="MD_LANGUAGE" value="">
<param type="translatedfield" key="MD_LANGUAGE" />
<metadata label="MD_ALTERNATETITLE" value="">
<param type="field" key="MD_ALTERNATETITLE" />
<metadata label="MD_SUBTITLE" value="">
<param type="field" key="MD_SUBTITLE" />
<metadata label="MD_SHELFMARKSOURCE" value="">
<param type="field" key="MD_SHELFMARKSOURCE" />
<metadata label="MD_ISSN" value="">
<param type="field" key="MD_ISSN" />
<metadata label="MD_ISBN" value="">
<param type="field" key="MD_ISBN" />
<metadata label="MD_DOCLANGUAGE" value="">
<param type="field" key="MD_DOCLANGUAGE" />
<metadata label="MD_PERSONKEYWORD" value="">
<param type="field" key="MD_PERSONKEYWORD" />
<metadata label="MD_RELATEDSERIES" value="">
<param type="field" key="MD_RELATEDSERIES" />
<metadata label="MD_WORKKEYWORD" value="">
<param type="field" key="MD_WORKKEYWORD" />
<metadata label="MD_RISMSEAL" value="">
<param type="field" key="MD_RISMSEAL" />
<!-- titleBarMetadataList: defines metadata that is displayed above an image. The syntax is the same as in mainMetadataList -->
<!--metadata label="MD_CREATOR" value="LINK_WIKIPEDIA">
<param type="field" key="MD_CREATOR" />
<param type="wikipersonfield" key="MD_CREATOR" />
<!-- searchHitMetadataList: defines metadata that is displayed in the search hitlist. The syntax is the same as in mainMetadataList -->
<template name="_DEFAULT">
<metadata label="MD_CREATOR" value="">
<param type="field" key="MD_CREATOR" />
<metadata label="MD_YEARPUBLISH" value="">
<param type="field" key="MD_YEARPUBLISH" />
<metadata label="MD_PLACEPUBLISH" value="">
<param type="field" key="MD_PLACEPUBLISH" />
<metadata label="MD_SHELFMARK" value="">
<param type="field" key="MD_SHELFMARK" />
<!-- show LIDO fields in LIDO hits -->
<metadata label="EVENTTYPE" value="">
<param type="translatedfield" key="EVENTTYPE" />
<metadata label="EVENTDATE" value="">
<param type="field" key="EVENTDATE" />
<!-- if you get a hit because of content in UGCTERMS display it-->
<metadata label="UGCTERMS" value="">
<param type="field" key="UGCTERMS" />
<!-- displayStructType: if false, the structtype is hidden -->
<!-- valueNumber: defines the maximum number of found values to display for each field type [since 2.0] -->
<!-- valueLength: defines the maximum length in characters for each value, longer values are truncated [since 2.0] -->
<!-- sideBarMetadataList: defines metadata that are displayed in the sidebar. -->
<!-- _DEFAULT: metadata defined in the _DEFAULT template is displayed on all struct elements that have no explicit definition -->
<template name="_DEFAULT">
<metadata label="MD_TITLE" value="">
<param type="field" key="MD_TITLE" />
<metadata label="MD_CREATOR" value="LINK_WIKIPEDIA">
<param type="field" key="MD_CREATOR" />
<param type="wikipersonfield" key="MD_CREATOR" />
<metadata label="MD_SHELFMARK" value="">
<param type="field" key="MD_SHELFMARK" topstructValueFallback="true" />
<metadata label="URN" value="">
<param type="field" key="URN" />
<!-- _GROUPS: Group documents -->
<template name="_GROUPS">
<metadata label="MD_TITLE" value="">
<param type="field" key="MD_TITLE" />
<metadata label="MD_PUBLISHER" value="">
<param type="field" key="MD_PUBLISHER" />
<metadata label="MD_PLACEPUBLISH" value="">
<param type="field" key="MD_PLACEPUBLISH" />
<!-- Map: sample definition of metadata for a special struct element -->
<template name="Map">
<metadata label="MD_TITLE" value="">
<param type="field" key="MD_TITLE" />
<metadata label="MD_CREATOR" value="LINK_WIKIPEDIA">
<param type="field" key="MD_CREATOR" />
<param type="wikipersonfield" key="MD_CREATOR" />
<metadata label="MD_SHELFMARK" value="">
<param type="field" key="MD_SHELFMARK" />
<metadata label="MD_COORDINATES" value="">
<param type="field" key="MD_COORDINATES" />
<metadata label="URN" value="">
<param type="field" key="URN" />
<!-- normdataList: List of NORM_ fields to display in the norm data pop-up box -->
<template name="PERSON">
<template name="CORPORATION">
<template name="RECORD">
<!-- calendarDocstructTypes: the list of structure elements allowed to be shown in calendar view -->
<!-- browsingMenu: configuration of the browsing section (Stoebern) -->
<!-- enabled: if false, the browsing section is hidden -->
<!-- hitsPerPage: defines the maximum number of hits that are displayed per page -->
<!-- luceneField: defines index fields that are available for browsing. Only untokenized fields should be used. -->
<luceneField recordsAndAnchorsOnly="true" sortField="SORT_AUTHOR">MD_AUTHOR_UNTOKENIZED</luceneField>
<luceneField recordsAndAnchorsOnly="true" sortField="SORT_TITLE">MD_TITLE_UNTOKENIZED</luceneField>
<!-- <luceneField sortField="SORT_TITLE" recordsAndAnchorsOnly="true" docstructFilters="Monograph;Volume;PeriodicalVolume">MD_TITLE_UNTOKENIZED</luceneField> -->
<!-- <luceneField recordsAndAnchorsOnly="true" >MD_SHELFMARK</luceneField> -->
<!-- addDublinCoreMetaTags: render dc metadata to html head -->
<!-- addHighwirePressMetaTags: add Highwire Press tags to html head -->
<!-- DEPRECATED: Use <labelConfig> instead. If true, TOC element labels will always have their docstruct as a prefix, unless the label is just the
docstruct (default is false) -->
<!-- multiVolumeThumbnailsWidth|Height: size settings for multivolume TOC thumbnails -->
<!-- Whether to display thumbnails of contained works in anchor toc. Default is "true" -->
<!-- volumeSortFields: Solr fields by which the volumes in an anchor TOC
shall be sorted. Custom templates can be defined for anchor docstruc types,
otherwise "_DEFAULT" is used. Optional "order" attribute (default is "asc").
Optional attribute "groupBy" by which the volumes in an anchor
TOC shall be grouped. If sorting of the groups is desired, the field should
also be defined as the first <field> entry. -->
<template name="_DEFAULT">
<field order="asc">CURRENTNOSORT</field>
<!-- labelConfig: Layout configuration for the label of TOC elements. The configuration is analogous to a metadata template. -->
<template name="_DEFAULT">
<metadata label="" value="{LABEL}{CURRENTNO}">
<param type="field" key="LABEL" />
<param type="field" key="CURRENTNO" prefix="_SPACE_(" suffix=")" />
<template name="_GROUPS">
<metadata label="" value="{LABEL}{MD_SERIESDISPLAYORDER}">
<param type="field" key="LABEL" />
<param type="field" key="MD_SERIESDISPLAYORDER" prefix="_SPACE_(" suffix=")" />
<!-- tocAnchorGroupElementsPerPage: Number of elements displayed per page in anchor/group TOCs. Values below 1 disable pagination. Default is 0. -->
<!-- recordGroupIdentifierFields: Contains definitions of GROUPID_ fields used in the index.
This is needed so the fields can be added to the whitelist of fields to return. -->
<!-- ancestorIdentifierFields: Contains definitions of Solr fields that contain hierarchical parent document identifiers (such as PI_PARENT containing anchor identifiers. -->
<ancestorIdentifierFields listSiblingRecords="false">
<!-- display as interactive tree view -->
<useTreeView showDocStructs="_ALL">false</useTreeView>
<!-- tocIndentation: Number of pixels used as padding for child element indentation in the tree view. Default is 20. -->
<!-- Large numbers of records can significantly reduce the performance of tag cloud generations. The sample size for individual fields can be reduced
here. Default value is INT_MAX. -->
<!-- doRedirectInsteadOfForward: defines whether an identifier request
or URN request gets redirected or forwarded. Allowed values are true (Redirect)
and false (Forward). -->
<!-- Forward: a forward is performed internally by the servlet the browser
is completely unaware that it has taken place, so its original URL remains
intact any browser reload of the resulting page will simple repeat the original
request, with the original URL Redirect: a redirect is a two step process,
where the web application instructs the browser to fetch a second URL, which
differs from the original a browser reload of the second URL will not repeat
the original request, but will rather fetch the second URL redirect is marginally
slower than a forward, since it requires two browser requests, not one objects
placed in the original request scope are not available to the second request -->
<!-- Show or hide sections in the sidebar globally -->
<!-- overview: if false, the image view is hidden -->
<!-- condition: Optional Solr subquery. Only records that match the given query will have the overview page displayed. -->
<!-- page: if false, the image view is hidden -->
<!-- toc: if false, the TOC link is hidden (This is the link to the TOC page in the work menu, not the sidebar TOC component!) -->
<!-- thumbs: if false, the thumbnail view is hidden -->
<!-- searchInItem: if false, no widget for searching in the currently show record will be displayed. Default is true. -->
<!-- metadata: if false, the bibliographic data view is hidden -->
<!-- showEventMetadata: if false, the event metadata of LIDO records is hidden (default is true) -->
<!-- fulltext: if false, the fulltext view is hidden -->
<!-- if visible is true, a link to a miradorviewer with the current work opened will be listed in the sidebar -->
<!-- sidebarToc: configuration of the sidebar TOC component -->
<!-- visible: if false, the sidebar toc is hidden -->
<!-- pageNumbersVisible: if false, page numbers in the sidebar toc are hidden (default is false) -->
<!-- display sidebarToc if it only contains the root element -->
<!-- lengthBeforeCut: defines the number of characters until the string is cut and a "more" link is shown -->
<!-- display as interactive tree view -->
<!-- level for initial collapse -->
<!-- max length of level before it gets collapsed -->
<collapseLengthThreshold lowestLevelToTest="2">0</collapseLengthThreshold>
<!-- Show or hide the widget including download links for record and page while viewing the object-->
<sidebarWidgetUsage display="true">
<!-- You can specify any text at the top of the record links using the same mechanism as for metadata display-->
<param type="field" key="LABEL" />
<param type="translatedfield" key="ACCESSCONDITION" />
<!-- displayLinkToJpegImage: Enables JPEG image download links for pages. Default is false. -->
<displayLinkToJpegImage maxSize="2000">true</displayLinkToJpegImage>
<!-- displayLinkToMasterImage: Enables Master image download links for pages. Default is false. -->
<displayLinkToMasterImage maxSize="max">true</displayLinkToMasterImage>
<!-- Various options -->
<!-- collectionBrowsing: if false, the collections section is hidden -->
<!-- userAccountNavigation: if false, the user section is hidden -->
<!-- displayTagCloudNavigation: if false, the tag cloud section is hidden -->
<!-- displayTagCloudStartpage: if false the tag cloud on the start page is hidden -->
<!-- displaySearchResultNavigation: if false, the box that allows browsing through search hits in the image view is hidden -->
<!-- displayBreadcrumbs: if false, the breadcrumb navigation is hidden -->
<!-- number of letters befor cutting breadcrumb items -->
<!-- displayTitleBreadcrumbs: if true, the document structure is displayed in the title component in breadcrumb form -->
<displayTitleBreadcrumbs maxTitleLength="40" includeAnchor="false">false</displayTitleBreadcrumbs>
<!-- displayTitlePURL: if true, a PURL to the current page in the title component. Default is true. -->
<!-- displayMetadataPageLinkBlock: if false, the links on the bottom of the metadata view are hidden -->
<!-- displayStatistics: if false, statistics link is hidden (default is true) -->
<!-- displayTimeline: if false, time matrix link is hidden (default is false) -->
<!-- displayCrowdsourcingModuleLinks: Switch to enable crowdsourcing transcription links (default is false) -->
<!-- Display "traffic lights" for access condition and copyright icon in fullscreen view -->
<!-- Display links in fullscreen view to share current page in facebook or twitter-->
<!-- numberOfItems: defines how many elements the RSS feed containts -->
<!-- title: defines the title of the RSS feed -->
<title>Goobi viewer RSS Feed</title>
<!-- description: defines the description of the RSS feed -->
<description>new items</description>
<!-- copyright: defines the copyright of the displayed material -->
<copyright>(c) Goobi viewer using institution </copyright>
<!-- bookshelvesEnabled: if false, no links to bookshelf administration are displayed (default is true) -->
<!-- If true, the user comments functionality is enabled. Default ist true. -->
<!-- conditionalQuery: optional restriction of the user comments function
(expressed as a Solr query) to records that match certain criteria. The criteria
must apply to the root structure element of the record. -->
<!-- notifationEmailAddress: E-mail addresses to which notifications for
new comments will be sent. Can be added multiple times for multiple recipients. -->
<!-- <notificationEmailAddress></notificationEmailAddress> -->
<!-- enabled: enables cms functionality globally (default is false) -->
<!-- useCustomNavBar: enables the use of a custom navigation navigation menu, configurable with cms-functionality always considered to be false if cms.enabled=false -->
<!-- mediaFolder: contains media files uploaded for CMS -->
<!-- templateFolder: contains template files for CMS. Only used if template views are rendered from an external folder using a base template -->
<!-- mediaDisplayWidth: defines the width in pixels that is used for cms media items for example in the tile grids or collection representant -->
<!-- Transkribus settings (enabled: default false) -->
<transkribus enabled="false">
<!-- Transkribus user name for this viewer instance -->
<!-- Transkribus password for this viewer instance -->
<!-- Transkribus collection name to be added to this viewer's account and user accounts (e.g. the institution's name) -->
<!-- URL of the Transkribus REST API. This can be changed to the test API, if necessary. Default value is the production API URL. -->
<!-- NOT IN USE: allowedDocumentTypes: Document types for which to allow Transkribus injection -->
<!-- Content upload settings (currently not in use) -->
<!-- If true, piwik code will be insert into page. Default is false. -->
<!-- BaseURL of the piwik script without "http://"! -->
<!-- Piwik site ID -->
<!-- sitelinksField: Field for which the sitelinks page will list all available values (similar to term browsing) -->
<!-- sitelinksFilterQuery: Solr query which will filter the results for each field value (e.g. only top-level dosctructs)-->
<!-- Web API configuration -->
<!-- fields: Custom JSON fields. Each <field> element must contain the
attributes 'jsonField' (name of the field for JSON datasets) and 'luceneField'
(source index field name). An optional attribute 'multivalue' can be set
to 'true' to return a list with all found values in JSON. -->
<field jsonField="persons" luceneField="MD_CREATOR" multivalue="true" />
<!-- A list of all metadata fields which should be included within
the IIIF Presentation response for manifests and ranges representing structural elements -->
<!-- A list of solr fieldnames which may serve as manifest description metadata. The first existing field is used to provide the medatada description -->
<!-- Solr field to use for IIIF Presentation navDate property, if any -->
<!-- The String to provide as attribution in IIIF manifests. If it is a message key, all translations are
provided as attribution values -->
<!-- URL to an image which should be displayed as logo in IIIF manifests. if the url is a http(s) url,
the url will be used as is. If it is an absolute file url, a contentServer url will be provided, displaying
that file. If it is just a filename or relative filepath, it will be assumed to be a file in the
resources/themes/<theme>/images/ folder and linked appropriately
If no logo is configured, the image footer will be used-->
<!-- Show source file location of image requests in Content-Location HTTP header -->
<!-- If @use is 'true' add a Access-Control-Allow-Origin Header with this value to all REST-api calls
referencing the @CORSBinding annotation -->
<cors use="false">*</cors>
<!-- When generating twitter cards the userName is added in the twitter:site tag -->
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