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Obj-C ARM Tools
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OCAT - Obj-C ARM Tools

Optimistically, this is a collection of tools for derping around with Objective-C stuff on ARM platforms (iOS binaries). Realistically, this "collection" currently consists of:

This script is designed to parse through the IDA Pro database (IDB) for an ARM Objective-C binary and build method-to-method cross references (xrefs). The basic technique is to parse through the "__objc_methanme" segment, find xrefs to every method name string that come from the "__objc_const" segment, and read function pointers out of the "const" structures.

This is a quick and dirty, unscientific approach. We're taking advantages of the heavy lifting that IDA has already accomplished for us and using it to squeeze out some additional functionality.

CAUTION: This script has the ability to mess up your IDB file in a ways that you will not appreciate. Back up your IDB!

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