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  The goal of this website is to bridge the principles of modern flat web design with the dated world of federal government contracting. Clients could conceivably visit us from hardened computers running IE7 on WinXP (worst-case, VM-tested) with 4:3 monitors on slow connections, and we wanted to account for that. We tried to keep words to a minimum and avoid the industry-common practice of repeatedly forked buzzword-laden essays (we're too nice to single out examples), so forcing a single-page interface with all pertinent subjects was important to us.


###Original content Copyright 2014, Intrical LLC. All rights reserved on the Intrical name and logos*, some rights reserved on the rest:

  • Text content of this website is freely released under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International license. If you share our values and/or expertise areas and want to use our words to describe them, you're welcome to do so (though endorsement would require a conversation).
  • Intrical-originated code (html/css/js) is freely released under the MIT Expat License. No warranties, but we'll probably help you harvest the code if you ask nicely.

*logos created by Meredith Wish

###Unoriginal content The following elements of this page did not originate from Intrical and are not necessarily included in the above licensing terms:


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