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Condense build status and dependency status [ci skip]

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1 parent 7cabeaa commit 33c7d78fca1296d772123e6a40532cf4eb9a9180 @sferik sferik committed Dec 16, 2011
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@@ -1,4 +1,8 @@
-# MultiJSON
+# MultiJSON [![Build Status](][travis] [![Dependency Status](][gemnasium]
Lots of Ruby libraries utilize JSON parsing in some form, and everyone has
their favorite JSON library. In order to best support multiple JSON parsers and
libraries, `multi_json` is a general-purpose swappable JSON backend library.
@@ -26,16 +30,6 @@ back to a bundled version of [OkJson][].
-## <a name="build"></a>Build Status
-[![Build Status](][travis]
-## <a name="dependencies"></a>Dependency Status
-[![Dependency Status](][gemnasium]
## <a name="contributing"></a>Contributing
In the spirit of [free software][free-sw], **everyone** is encouraged to help
improve this project.

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