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@@ -32,6 +32,14 @@ back to a bundled version of [OkJson][].
+## Supported JSON Engines
+* [`:yajl`]( Yet another json library, C extension
+* [`:json_gem`]( Json gem as C extension
+* [`:json_pure`]( Pure ruby implementation of the json gem
+* [`:ok_json`][okjson] Pure ruby implementation, aiming for maximum compatibility
+* [`:nsjsonserialization`]( Wrapper for Apple's NSJSONSerialization out of the Cocoa Framework (MacRuby only)
## <a name="contributing"></a>Contributing
In the spirit of [free software][free-sw], **everyone** is encouraged to help
improve this project.
@@ -86,10 +94,12 @@ implementations:
* [JRuby][]
* [Rubinius][]
* [Ruby Enterprise Edition][ree]
+* [MacRuby][] (not tested on Travis CI)
If something doesn't work on one of these interpreters, it should be considered
a bug.

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