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It seems, multi_json provides the input as a string. #57

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Edit: looking into the adapter implementations, it becomes clear that the parameter for the load method can indeed be a stream. The docs should make this clear, though.

There is still an unrelated issue, here:

Currently in Rails, the body data of a request (e.g. POST) will be ignored if the content length is not set or zero (see file params_parser.rb. In other words, there is no way to have a client send JSON with a POST request whose Transfer-Encoding is set to Chunked.

Now, sine the JSON decoders would be able to handle a stream as input, can this be changed in Rails? That is, it seems not required to discard the body data of a (POST) request (aka parameters) when the header Content-Length is not set - or the length evaluates to zero.


This seems like an issue with Rails, not MultiJSON.

@sferik sferik closed this
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