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multipart/form-data POST #81

jerrydeng opened this Issue · 6 comments

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There's no documentation on this multipart/form-data post. I've tried it numerous time with a 500 on the response status. I am not sure about how to encode it this way myself. Can you show me some light/inspiration?


I am also facing the similar issues. Need support for multipart badly, but unable to find anything. Also noticed there is a todo "support for multi-part (file uploads)" in access_token.rb. Is there any updates?


I ended up using the oauth2 object.token.token and use it manually in combination with HTTMultiparty to get this done. It's not pretty. But gets the job done for the time being. Hope it helps.


@jerrydeng care to post a gist? thanks!


Too old. I can't remember nor find it anymore. I think I switched the strategy after.


@dimerman you know what, I did a grep -r and found my old code. LOL. here is the gist


@jerrydeng thanks a lot!

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