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"/auth/:provider" path doesn't pass through to app in test mode. #152

chanks opened this Issue January 18, 2011 · 3 comments

3 participants

Chris Hanks Irina Dumitrascu Michael Bleigh
Chris Hanks

I'm relying on the /auth/:provider path hitting my app before it redirects, so I can store information from the query string in the session (as recommended by mbleigh in pull request #123: #123 (comment)).

When omniauth is in test mode, however, it simply redirects "/auth/:provider" directly to "/auth/:provider/callback" without hitting the app, so I'm not able to test my app's behavior.


Irina Dumitrascu

I have a related problem, it looks that the OAuth2 strategy does not hit the application at all in the request phase:

Is this by design or would you welcome a patch for calling the app before redirecting to the provider?

Thank you.

Michael Bleigh

I would welcome the patch. That was an oversight in building the test mode.

Michael Bleigh

Call thru to app in mock request_phase. Closed by 61e64c3

This issue was closed.
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