Request-URI Too Large error with OpenID #43

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Using Omniauth 0.1.2 with Ruby 1.9.2 and Rails 3, when I access /auth/open_id and include "http://" as part of my open id identifier (like ""), WEBrick will raise a WEBrick::HTTPStatus::RequestURITooLarge error. The URL includes /auth/open_id/callback with many parameters.

I don't know if this is just a limitation of WEBrick, but it would be nice if this gem generated shorter urls so this wasn't a problem.


Actually, it sometimes happens without the "http" portion in the identifier, so I don't think that is a factor. It seems to work with Mongrel so maybe this is specific to WEBrick.

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I can't seem to replicate this with Webrick 1.3.1 and my own MyOpenID URL. The URL used in this case isn't really the choice of OmniAuth but is rather part of the OpenID standard (you may want to doublecheck me on this, I relied on Rack::OpenID to perform the OpenID portion of OmniAuth so maybe there's some way to do it). Since it only seems to affect WEBrick I'm going to go ahead and close this one.


when I use the my yahoo account for open id to sign in, I get the same error.


@cbrulak, I think this is more-so a problem with WEBrick than Omniauth. The solution is to just use Mongrel.

gem 'mongrel', '1.2.0.pre2', :group => :development

Thin worked for me too. Thanks.


I had the same Problem with different openID Providers. It seems as if webrick does limit its max length of the uri by default. You can however change the maximum length in the file:


just look for the Errorline: RequestURITooLarge

right above you can change the max length. It should be around Line 246, depending on the Version of Webrick. I set the length to 2048 and never had this Problem since.

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