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History / Integration Testing

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@earksiinni earksiinni Updated controller setup for newer versions of RSpec that don't allow access to request object in request specs c432ba0
@srt32 srt32 Add documentation for configuring `OmniAuth.config.on_failure` in development and test 312233b
@afeld afeld explain how to do cleanup 7b72b9b
@tmilewski tmilewski Add comment for Omiauth/Devise 600c5d0
@pivotalcommon pivotalcommon Updated Integration Testing (markdown) a07e211
@rayshih rayshih Using OmniAuth::AuthHash for mock_auth is needed (at least for facebook) c359f00
@nicolasblanco nicolasblanco Use symbols instead of strings in the mock example because the mock is a Hash, not a Hashie. 82f4495
beseku Updated Integration Testing (markdown) ca5e8d0
@morgoth morgoth Updated Integration Testing (markdown) 56002e9
@fellix fellix Add more details about how to run the ominiauth test without error. 6b9f57f
@stve stve Updated Integration Testing (markdown) 27f0280
@gardelea gardelea added some ruby syntax highlight where missing ab118b3
@gardelea gardelea Revert e10fb6835696d640edc1266a3b0664312befa399^ ... e10fb6835696d640edc1266a3b0664312befa399 f5d25d9
naveed-ahmad Destroyed Integration Testing (markdown) e10fb68
@carlosantoniodasilva carlosantoniodasilva Remove note about a not released feature until 0.2.0 Updated Integration Testing (markdown) 141949f
mbleigh Updated Integration Testing (markdown) 83813e7
mbleigh Updated Integration Testing (markdown) 05e9a44
mbleigh Adding basic instructions for integration testing. Created Integration Testing (markdown) 80217ec
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