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About Mininet-WiFi

Mininet-WiFi is a fork of Mininet (http://mininet.org/) which allows the using of both WiFi Stations and Access Points. Mininet-WiFi only add wifi features and you can work with it like you were working with Mininet.

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step 1: $ sudo apt-get install git
step 2: $ git clone https://github.com/intrig-unicamp/mininet-wifi
step 3: $ cd mininet-wifi
step 4: $ sudo util/install.sh -Wnfv

install.sh options:

-W: wireless dependencies
-n: mininet-wifi dependencies
-f: OpenFlow
-v: OpenvSwitch
-l: wmediumd (optional)


Mininet-WiFi should work fine in any Ubuntu distribution from 14.04, but in some cases (only if you have problems when start it) you have to stop NetworkManager with stop network-manager (you can also use sudo systemctl stop network-manager or sudo service network-manager stop).


Ramon dos Reis Fontes (ramonrf@dca.fee.unicamp.br)
Christian Rodolfo Esteve Rothenberg (chesteve@dca.fee.unicamp.br)

We are members of INTRIG (Information & Networking Technologies Research & Innovation Group) at University of Campinas - Unicamp, SP, Brazil.