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About Mininet-WiFi

Mininet-WiFi is a fork of Mininet ( which allows the using of both WiFi Stations and Access Points. Mininet-WiFi only add wifi features and you can work with it like you were working with Mininet.

Build Status

Things to keep in mind when working with Mininet-WiFi

  • You can use any wireless network tools (e.g. iw, iwconfig, wpa_supplicant, etc)
  • Please consider computer network troubleshooting steps to solve issues before making questions in the mailing list (e.g. is the station associated with ap? Is the OpenFlow rule working correctly? etc)
  • Do you need help? Be careful with questions in the mailing list and please providing as much information you can.

User Manual

Access the User Manual

Mailing List!forum/mininet-wifi-discuss

Use Cases Catalogue

Please, let us know if you are doing research with Mininet-WiFi. A list of citations on Mininet-WiFi is available here.  


step 1: $ sudo apt-get install git
step 2: $ git clone
step 3: $ cd mininet-wifi
step 4: $ sudo util/ -Wlnfv options:

-W: wireless dependencies
-n: mininet-wifi dependencies
-f: OpenFlow
-v: OpenvSwitch
-l: wmediumd
-6: wpan tools

Building Topologies with VND

I'm a beginner, I do not know Python and I would like to create a customized topology. In this case, VND can serve as support since it provides a GUI and automatically generates Python scripts.


For instructions about easier development check this helper file.

Pre-configured Virtual Machine

Ubuntu 16.04 x64 :: Password: wifi
user: wifi
pass: wifi


Mininet-WiFi should work fine in any Ubuntu distribution from 14.04, but in some cases (only if you have problems when start it) you have to stop NetworkManager with stop network-manager (you can also use sudo systemctl stop network-manager or sudo service network-manager stop).


Ramon dos Reis Fontes (
Christian Rodolfo Esteve Rothenberg (

We are members of INTRIG (Information & Networking Technologies Research & Innovation Group) at University of Campinas - Unicamp, SP, Brazil.