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As of October 1, 2021, this component of the Intrigue project is no longer actively maintained at this location, and the code in this repository has been re-licensed under the terms of the Mandiant Limited Open Source License Agreement (see:


Intrigue Core is a framework for discovering attack surface. It discovers security-relevant assets and exposures within the context of projects and can be used with a human-in-the-loop running individual tasks, and/or automated through the use of workflows. With a flexible entity model and an incredibly deep enrichment system, it is the most full-featured attack surface discovery framework of its kind.

If you'd like assistance getting started or have development-related questions, feel free to join us in our Intrigue Community slack channel. For all other questions, you can simply drop an email to

Getting Started... for Users

To get started quickly and play around with an instance of Core, head on over to the Getting Started Guide. We suggest the Docker image as a first place to start. It's actively built on the main branch of Intrigue Core. An image build on our unstable branch (develop) is also available if you're interested in testing the latest and greatest.

Getting Started... for Developers

To get started setting up a development environment, follow the instructions below:

While you can build a local setup on any OSX or *nix system, we'd suggest starting with our Vagrant setup guide:

You'll want to take a look at the following resources to better understand the system:

Getting Support

To get help in real time, join our Intrigue Community slack, where you'll be able to interact directly with the development team. Please post a brief 1-2 line introduction in #general when you arrive.

  • For immediate (user) help, join the #core-help channel
  • For immediate (dev) help, join the #core-dev channel

Key Contributors

Intrigue Core would not be possible without the generous time and work from our key contributors and maintainers: