Setting up a Test Environment on OSX 10.10

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The following instructions have not been tested since the last update. If you have any trouble with these instructions, please hop in the room, and ask for help!!

Getting started

  • Get access to the system's CLI
  • Make sure you have enough memory (8GB+ is recommended)
top -l 1 -s 0 | grep PhysMem

Setting up Dependencies

This section helps you set up all the software and libraries that intrigue-core depends on.

brew install redis
brew services start redis
  • Install postgres & create a db
brew install postgresql
brew services start postgresql
createdb intrigue_dev
  • Install phantomjs & imagemagick
brew install phantomjs 
brew install imagemagick 
brew install nmap
  • Install masscan
git clone
cd masscan
sudo make install
sudo cp bin/masscan /usr/local/bin # required on elcapitan & above
  • Make sure your user can run nmap, masscan as root. Add your user to wheel
sudo dseditgroup -o edit -a `whoami` -t user wheel
  • Add these lines to /etc/sudoers
Cmnd_Alias NMAP = /usr/local/bin/nmap
Cmnd_Alias MASSCAN = /usr/local/bin/masscan
  • Install Rbenv & Ruby
brew install rbenv rbenv-gemset
rbenv install 2.5.1
rbenv global 2.5.1

Getting the code

  • Pull down the code from Github
git clone core
  • Install gems via bundler
cd core
bundle install

Start it up

  • Start the application
sudo bundle exec foreman start
  • Ensure it's running (should show it running on
netstat -n -p tcp  | grep 7777

OPTIONAL: Configure it to listen on ...

NOTE.. This can affect security of your system. There's currently no authentication, so anyone can run tasks. This is not a good idea unless you know what you're doing.

You've been warned. Open up an editor with vim config/puma.rb and edit the line bind 'tcp://' to bind 'tcp://'

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