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ODAS Analytics

ODAS stands for Open embeddeD Audition System. This is a library dedicated to perform sound source localization, tracking, separation and post-filtering. ODAS is coded entirely in C, for more portability, and is optimized to run easily on low-cost embedded hardware. ODAS is free and open source.

The ODAS wiki describes how to build and run the software.

ROS: Please visite the odas_ros project.

ODAS Demonstration

Graphical User Interface (GUI) for Data Visualization

Please have a look at the odas_web project. GUI

Open Source Hardware from IntRoLab

  • 8SoundsUSB, 8 inputs, USB powered, configurable microphone array.
  • 16SoundsUSB, 16 inputs, USB powered, configurable microphone array.


You can find more information about the methods implemented in ODAS in these papers: