@matlabbe matlabbe released this Oct 19, 2015 · 1275 commits to master since this release

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New features

  • New incremental FLANN dictionary (Kp/IncrementalFlann, default true), improving a lot loop closure performance with much lower CPU needed for the same map size.
  • Fixed a bug in Bayes prior generation. The results from this paper can now be reproduced exactly again (see Benchmark page). Note that this bug was introduced on December 11 2012.
  • New actions in File menu: Export images, Export poses.
  • Improved DatabaseViewer (Tools->Edit database...) performance when browsing large databases.
  • New odometry option:
    • Odom/VarianceFromInliersCount: Set variance as the inverse of the number of inliers. Otherwise, the variance is computed as the average 3D position error of the inliers.
  • RANSAC regression for PnP (3D->2D) transformation estimation on OpenCV3 (using RANSAC of OpenCV2 in OpenCV3). This fixed large errors with odometry when PnP was used.
  • New robust graph optimization options:
    • RGBD/OptimizeMaxError (default 1 m): Reject loop closures if optimization error is greater than this value (0=disabled). This will help to detect when a wrong loop closure is added to the graph.
    • RGBD/OptimizeRobust (default true): Robust graph optimization using Vertigo (only for g2o and GTSAM optimization strategies). This approach can filter wrong loop closure detections.
  • Some other minor fixes.

ROS specific

  • New Indigo/Jade binary releases (should be public soon)
  • Fixed TF flickering in Localization mode when some nodes are transferred to or retrieved from the Long-Term Memory.
  • Updated default rgbd_mapping.launch and stereo_mapping.launch files.
  • rtabmap node:
    • Added parameter cloud_floor_culling_height: remove the ground, affecting only /rtabmap/cloudMap topic.
    • Added parameter cloud_frustum_culling: filter the old clouds in the FOV of the current camera position, affecting only /rtabmap/cloudMap topic.
    • Added /rtabmap/mapGraph topic for convenience when we only need the graph.
  • Topological planning improvements (documentation still needs to be updated)