@matlabbe matlabbe released this Jul 21, 2016 · 918 commits to master since this release

Assets 7
  • Parameters are saved in the database (useful when sharing databases)
  • More memory efficient GUI.
  • New odometry parameter (Odom/AlignWithGround) that can be used to initialize the camera accordingly to the floor, thus aligning the bottom of the point cloud to xy plane. See Preferences -> Odometry panel.
  • Figures are now shown with time on x-axis instead of IDs by default, so we can now have on the same figure odometry and mapping time statistics.
  • Integrated OctoMap (3D occupancy grid map) in the core library. See Preferences -> Occupancy Grid Map panel to activate it. In contrast to raw point clouds, the octomap can clear 3D dynamic obstacles. The advantage of this more tighter integration is to correct online the octomap when loop closures are detected. The octomap can be exported via menu File -> "Export octomap...".
  • OdomF2M: Updated how local scan map is updated
  • Added Zed SDK v1.0.0 support with new visual odometry option. See Preferences -> Source, then Zed related panel.
  • Multi-camera:
    • Some bug fixes and improvements
    • Multi-frustum in GUI
  • Planning: using fly distance instead of path distance to update current goal
  • rtabmap_ros:
    • rgbd_odometry and stereo_odometry can be used as nodelets
    • Added some octomap topic outputs to rtabmap node for convenience
  • Some minor fixes and improvements