Generate releases based on semantic version labels on pull requests.
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Generate releases based on semantic version labels on pull requests

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CI/CD helpers for github releases. Generate releases based on semantic version labels on pull requests.

Release Features:

  • Release every merge to master based on a PR labels
  • Skip a release with the skip-release label
  • Generate a changelog with fancy headers, authors, and monorepo package association
  • Generate a GitHub release

Pull Request Interaction Features:

  • Get the labels for a PR
  • Set the status of a PR
  • Check that a pull request has a SemVer label
  • Comment on a PR with markdown

Visit the docs for more information.

Start Developing

To get set up, fork and clone the project and run the following command:

brew install automake


yarn lint


yarn test


yarn build

Run the docs

To deploy the docs you will need to add the documentation label to your pull request.

yarn docs:watch


Feel free to make and issue or open a pull request!

Make sure to read our code of conduct.

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🎨 Prior Art 🎨

auto-release is inspired by some excellent tech that came before it.


Thanks goes to these wonderful people (emoji key):

Adam Dierkens

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Andrew Lisowski

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Justin Bennett

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This project follows the all-contributors specification. Contributions of any kind welcome!

Adding a Contributor

To add a contributor run yarn contributors:add, choose "Add new contributor or edit contribution type" and follow the prompts.