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A CLI toolbox for creating design systems in minutes

Uses: Typescript, CSS, styled-components support

Outputs: CJS and MJS

No tooling configuration required

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Design-systems-cli is basically a Create React App for design systems.

The main benefit it brings you as a developer is time savings. Setting up all of the monorepo, storybook, and build tools for a design system takes over a week if you piece it together yourself. You can do it with this project in minutes.


⭐ Scaffold components and entire design systems

⭐ Build your components for multiple outputs (cjs and esm)

⭐ Write styles with styled-components or css-modules

⭐ Craft excellent components using Storybook

⭐ Let component consumer try your components with playroom

⭐ Testing and linting support

⭐ Typescript supported out of the box

⭐ Track the size of your components and debug the changes

For the full documentation, go here.


Ensure you have the following softwares installed:

If node-gyp throws errors during installation, installation may still be successful

To get started:

To get set up, fork and clone the project then run the following command:

yarn && yarn start

Creating a new Plugin

To scaffold a new plugin inside this repo run the following command:

yarn run create:plugin "my plugin"


Feel free to open an issue or a pull request!

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We actively welcome pull requests. Learn how to contribute.

Contributors ✨

Thank you to all these wonderful people (emoji key):

Adam Dierkens

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Andrew Lisowski

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Tyler Krupicka

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Kendall Gassner

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Kelly Harrop


Peter Mikitsh


WhiteSource Renovate

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Raj Vasikarla

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Brandon Orther

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Athitya Kumar


Jason Rundell (he/him)

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Talor Anderson

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Spencer Hamm

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Adil Malik


Salil Cuncoliencar

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Gaurav Kesarwani

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Nicolas Hoizey


Harris Borawski


Sean Powell



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Yucho Ho


Jeremiah Zucker


Abd El-Ghazali

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This project follows the all-contributors specification. Contributions of any kind welcome!