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Intuit Spring Cloud Config Inspector

Inspect config files with config file url or metadata file url. Facilitate understanding how the Spring Cloud Config Server processes configuration files in the backend in order to serve to applications.

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  • Config Resolution: Shows the resolution tree of where the current value of all properties came from based on the label and profiles.
  • Raw Configs: Shows the output of the resolved configs in .yml, .properties, .json and the .json of the config server metadata.
  • Diff-Across: Debug which values are different between two combination of label and profiles.
  • Github Info: Shows where the configuration files came from.
  • API Logs: See how to call the Config Server directly using cURL.
  • Static Content: Shows the resolved static content after resolving the tokens. (FUTURE)

For the Config Repo, appName foo, the inspection is as follows:


Go to the Wiki pages for details on the features set.

Running with Docker/Docker-Compose

You can quickly have an idea about the power of the Inspector by quickly running with default config repo setup.

$ docker-compose up

Go to http://localhost:3232 and then specify the following:

You MUST have connectivity to "" in order to run this server.

If you want to point to your own Configuration file, make sure to change the environment variable value in Docker-Compose.

Running with NPM/Node

$ npm install
$ npm start

Run without Tests

  • Clone this repository
  • Run the app
$ npm run dev

Config service Proxy server

  • In order to call the config and github servers from the browser, we have to proxy the calls with CORS.
  • The proxy server will handle the pre-flight calls properly (HTTP OPTIONS)

NOTE: If your Config Server or Github appliances require credentials, you can add them through the UI using the "Headers" section.

$ npm run proxy

> config-inspector@1.0.0 proxy /Users/marcellodesales/dev/github/intuit/services-configuration/config-inspector
> node tools/cors-proxy

Using limit:  100kb
CORS Proxy server listening on port 3001

The example below is to verify that calls to the config-server, dockerized version, works propertly.

$ curl -X OPTIONS -i  \

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
X-Powered-By: Express
Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *
Access-Control-Allow-Methods: GET, PUT, PATCH, POST, DELETE
Access-Control-Allow-Headers: origin, content-type, accept, location, code
Date: Sat, 05 Aug 2017 17:25:24 GMT
Connection: keep-alive
Content-Length: 0


  • Execute the tests
$ npm test

> config-inspector@1.0.0 test /Users/marcellodesales/dev/github/intuit/services-configuration/config-inspector
> jest

 PASS  app/components/TopMenu.test.js
 PASS  app/components/LabelMenu.test.js
 PASS  app/components/UserControls.test.js
 PASS  app/components/PropSearch.test.js
 PASS  app/components/Headers.test.js
 PASS  app/components/UserInputs.test.js
 PASS  app/components/Views.test.js
 PASS  app/components/app.test.js

Test Suites: 8 passed, 8 total
Tests:       8 passed, 8 total
Snapshots:   0 total
Time:        6.4s
Ran all test suites.


Inspection of Spring Cloud Config properties made easy using React







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