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'All my friends KNOW the low-coder'. CLI for Pug and much more.
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'All my friends KNOW the low-coder'

MetaBake is open source and extensible low-code productivity tools for front-end developers.


MetaBake(mbake) provides all the necessary tools for a developer to write cleaner code quicker, with pug and livereload out of the box.

You can gradually adopt it while it allows you to develop quicker - and with clean simplicity - Static Websites, Custom Elements, custom CMS/E-Commerce, CRUD and all sorts of dynamic web-apps.

Please star our main project here:


You should know HTML, CSS and JavaScript - that is all we use. If you need to catch up, we recommend this book: 'Design and Build Websites' by Jon Duckett.

Quick start

npm i -gmbake
mbake -w . /* for a base website */
cd website
mbakeX -w . /* to run the watcher/livereload */

You can also use: npm i -g mbake BUT NOTE: You can't use sudo w/ npm.

MetaBake in 4 Minutes

Building sites take a few moments, just add index.pug and dat.yaml files in the folder, and compile it with mbake . from the root folder of your site.


Create a folder called 'one'. In the folder 'one', create file index.pug

   p Hello #{key1}

and create file dat.yaml

key1: World

Note: to create a new page|screen in mbake, create a new folder with an index.pug and day.yaml in each folder.

Now make with mbake:

mbake .

This will create index.html. Of course you can use regular Pug syntax to include other Pug files or Markdown. (MetaBake Markdown flavor includes CSS support):


And example Markdown file with CSS nested classes. Title is nested in 2 levels, .column class CSS and second level .stick CSS class

:::: column col-2
::: stick

So if you write a Markdown file, it will be included in index.html


This will start a webserver and auto-refresh browser, and watch for file changes to auto build:

mbakeX -w .

Instead of . you can specify any path. Also, the fact that we are generating this static content allows us to have the entire webapp served by a CDN


CSS can be hard to work with, so people use Sass/Scss. Create a style.scss file:

$font-stack: Helvetica, sans-serif;
$primary-color: #333;

body {
   font: 100% $font-stack;
   color: $primary-color;

Create file assets.yaml in assets folder, to compile your scss to css

- style.scss

and run

mbake -s .

It will create a css file in assets/css with auto-prefixes.

So the structure of asset folder should look something like that:

   css/style.css /* this is going to be compiled from style.scss */
   scss/style.scss /* your working area */
   assets.yaml /* with `scss` files that need to be compiled */


TypeScript is supper-set of JavaScript. Write a ts file, like foo.ts:

foo(i:number) {
	console.log('oh hi')

and run

mbake -t .

It will create a .js and min.js files. It will output ES5 to support IE11, so feel free to use class { } syntax. If there is no .ts, than it will simply slightly mimifify js files into min.js (but no ES5 conversion).

Lots of time you use .ts to call DB services: such as Google FireStore.

Examples - Website

There are 12 very different examples included in the mbake CLI. One is just a website:

mbake -w

That will extract an example website in the current folder. ( Obviously you can create any layout with any combination of css and other libraries, but here is how we laid out an example/starter website).

MetaBake tool belt

There are some libraries (and poly fills) that you use often. We just have a list of links, making them easy to load(depp.require())

mbake -f .

This emits a Pug file that you should include in your Pug's layout head section. In turn, the included file calls a toolBelt.js from a CDN.

Other examples include:

  • Using markdown CSS effect: allows non-programmers to write interactive stories
  • Slide show with markdown
  • Dashboard example
  • Ads example



Git Repo

Pug example


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