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“Don’t do what I SAY, watch what I do”. Cordova, PhoneGap, Electron, SPA
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This is the Hybrid section, based on SPA.

Because native are file based and don't have an http server, locations are relative. Eg '../' instead of '/'. So it is easier if all the screens or pages are at same level.

A key part is making sure SEO works. No mater what page you load.

MetaBake is open source and extensible low-code productivity tool for programmers; including dynamic apps and data binding. 'All my friends KNOW the low-coder'


There are many example apps, and shipped templates include: an CMS module, a watcher, SPA, CMS, Website, Slides, Dashboard, CRUD, PWA, Electron, Hybrid mobile apps, server-less via AWS | GCP FireStore, RIOTjs, Ads and more.

MetaBake supports CSS classes in Markdown, plus, because it uses Pug - it can also do any HTML layout. But MetaBake is not static only - it fully supports and has examples, shipped apps, and docs for dynamic and even mobile apps.

Primary focus is high development productivity (via "low-code") and being easy to adopt. It is also fully flexible to build any web-app in any directory tree structure you like; anc use any CSS/SASS framework you like. Of course it is server-less, and it uses AWS S3 or GCP FireStore.

SPA-router usage for Electron

SPA is used in electron apps the same way it's used everywhere else:

  1. You have #router tag - it's children elements are goung to be replaced by router.
  2. You initialize SPA by calling the following:

function onNavigate(evt) {
    if (evt.detail.type == SPArouter.NavSTART) { //start
    } else if (evt.detail.type == SPArouter.NavDONE) {
        // window.scrollTo(0, 0)

Porting to Phonegap

You can use the same code-base for phonegap as well as for electron as well as for web. With only difference that electron will require it's app start file and phonegap will require config.xml file. So to port the app to Phonegap you will need to configure config.xml following this instruction. Then compress your app to zip and got to . Here you will upload zip file and get apk and ios file. After that you are ready: just download apk and here you go.

To debug your app: Connect your device with app installed to your developer machine. Enable debugging via usb. To enable it on android press you prone version 7 times to unlock developer options, then go to unlocked options and enable usb-debugging, reattach your device to working machine and accept it's access to your device. Then open developer tools in chrome, find menu at the end of devtools bar and click 'More tools' then 'Remote devices'. There you'll find your device. For more info go to .

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