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Parts List (DE)

These are all the main parts you will need for a replica of the robot.

This is a list for German buyers - the amazon products should be internationally available, but more specialized items might have to be ordered from other stores.

Main components

💻 Computing

  • AAEON UpBoard 2 GB / 16 GB (x86 Chipset, Main Controller) -> mouser DE

  • UpBoard WiFi Dongle -> mouser DE

Quick note : You might just want to get the Intel RealSense Robotic Development Kit available at Mouser, which icludes the board and the RealSense camera.

👀 Input

  • RealSense R200 (3D Camera) (see above)
  • 3 x Mini USB Microphone -> amazon
  • FS-IA6 (Remote Control) -> banggood

🐸 Output

  • Anker Soundcore Mini (though any portable 'boom box' should do) -> amazon
  • CSL External Soundcard -> amazon
  • PicoPro Projector (sadly it has been discontinued, can still be bought used for quite cheap compared to its original price - any suggestions for a successor?)

🏃 Motion

⚡️ Power

  • XT Power 16000 mAh Powerbank incl. Charger -> amazon
  • Step Down Module (12 A) -> amazon
  • LM2596 Step Down Module (1 A) -> amazon
  • Anker USB Hub -> amazon

⚙️ Other

  • 3 x USB extension cable (about 0,5 m should be enough) -> amazon
  • 3 x micro USB Cables -> amazon
  • HDMI Ribbon Cable (Mainly used in FPV applications) -> amazon
  • micro-USB 3.0 to Micro-USB 3.0 cable (might be a little hard to find) -> amazon
  • 2 x switch -> amazon
  • 2 x WAGO 5-conductor splice connectors (NO. 221-415) -> amazon
  • DC Jack (5,5 x 2,1 mm) -> amazon
  • some 12 AWG wire
  • some jumper wires and pin headers
  • some thin cable ties