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Custom Parts

The 3D models were created with Rhino 3D - a commercial NURBS modelling software.

We uploaded both the NURBS and mesh-based models of Kopernikus, so you will be able to work with it.


-> NURBS (3dm format, zipped)

-> MESH (stl format, zipped)

3D Printing | Individual components

parts count name filename
2 Wheel Mount  motorwheel.stl
2 Omni Wheel Mount omniwheel.stl
2 Controller Plate Mount controllerplatemount.stl
4 Ring Mount 1  ringmount_1.stl
4 Ring Mount 2 ringmount_2.stl
1 Drum Mount Left  drummount_left.stl
1 Drum Mount Right drummount_right.stl
1  Drum Left  drum_left.stl
1 Drum Right drum_right.stl
2 Motor Hub 1  motor_hub_1.stl
2 Motor Hub 2 motor_hub_2.stl
1 USB Hub Mount 1 usbhubmount_1.stl
1 USB Hub Mount 2 usbhubmount_2.stl
1 Projector Mount Left projectormount_right.stl
1 Projector Mount Right projectormount_left.stl
1 RealSense Mount Left realsensemount_left.stl
1 RealSense Mount Right realsensemount_right.stl
2 RealSense Mounting Bracket  realsensemount_bracket.stl

Milling / Laser cutting | Individual components

parts count name filename
1 base plate  groundplate.stl
1 controller plate  controllerplate.stl